You know you’re going for a job interview when…

…you paint your toenails.


Let me explain….

Remember how my job often makes me want to slit my wrists? Remember how my new boss drives me crazy in 101 ways? Remember how I spend three hours a day commuting to work? Well, I decided to do something about that less than ideal working environment and apply for a new job.

And apply I did – for two jobs in fact – and today I had an interview for a PA role with the recruiting company.

Cue: office slut wear. Because everyone knows you don’t get a role as a PA unless you look fuckable.

Cue: red nail polish and short skirt. Because everyone knows that you if you wear red nail polish, you’re free and easy.

Yesterday I had to do some funky online tests for word, excel and my typing speed and today was the 40 minute chat with the recruitment chick. Apparently she’s recommending that I go for the next round of interviews with the head office dudes, so I may be in with a good chance.

I’m not sure whether the red nail polish helped, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t hurt πŸ™‚

M drove me into the city for my interview and then we went for a drive up to King’s Park to look at the wildflowers and continued driving up the coast. It was a lovely day and perfect for a drive. We stopped off for lunch and had yet another over-priced and mediocre meal (which we both just kind of expect now…) at a sea-side pub. Call me a tight-arse, but $92 for lunch and two soft drinks is a bit on the expensive side…

The other job I applied for is completely different and in a university. I don’t think red nail polish will be required and I might even wear my glasses for that oneΒ – just for that brainy-geek look.


6 thoughts on “You know you’re going for a job interview when…

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  1. Thanks! I’m not sure which job I’d prefer – probably the uni one though, because it would mean that I was doing something different and I’ve always liked school environments, but I’ll take whatever I can get at this stage.

    There’s only of a choice of 5 different universities here, so it’s one of those πŸ˜‰

  2. i was interested because i have studied at a couple of them…one was great, the other was a nightmare of disorganisation and chaos. but maybe it’s one of the others πŸ˜›

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