A side of crap with my death warmed over

I have to take a moment to say sorry to all those women I ridiculed in the past for their ‘girlie’ woes. Quite seriously, I thought lots of chicks were just jumping on the ‘period bandwagon’ and calling in sick or moaning about their cramps and whatnot just to milk some pity out of the menfolk and to get an extra few sick days. But I have to say that I’ve now a fully fledged passenger on the wagon-of-pain and I have to say there’s nothing ‘bandy’ about it whatsoever.

My period came yesterday and I felt like death warmed over with a side of crap.

I alternated between a pounding headache that was making me nauseous and a grinding, throbbing ache in my abdomen that I needed some serious drugs to live with. I went to bed at 7pm because I couldn’t stand to sit upright!!!

My period used to be a barely noticeable blip on my monthly screen that ended how it started: with me going, ‘Oh, was that my period?’

I used to ‘Pffffttttt!’ at chicks who said they couldn’t get out of bed or who needed serious numbers of those good drugs behind the counter, or heat packs, cold packs and the occasion six-pack to function at that time of the month, but these past few months I have a totally new ‘appreciation’ for their pain. I’m actually starting to really dread the end of the month like the plague.

I guess M doesn’t call it plague for nothing.

P.S No, I haven’t heard anything about that job I went for – maybe the toenails were overkill.


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  1. I know how you feel- I used to think the same thing, until I had what I like to call the Period of Doom. It felt like someone was stabbing me I just laid in bed, crying (crying!) for two days with Master rubbing my back. I’m pretty sure that he was scared to speak to me, because that much pain turned me into a raging bitch. Hopefully yours was just a one off; mine was. Hopefully.

    1. I’ve had one random period of doom several years back that had me in tears and rocking backwards and forwards for several hours. Then I was, “Period? What period?” for years and now I’m getting periods of doom every.single.month and PMS that I can literally feel. Getting older sucks.

  2. You poor bugger, I sure hope they don’t become worse. 😦

    I had periods from hell from the age of 16, ended up having a hysto (when Iw as about 32) as they were so bad. Best thing I ever did. Now I dance down the pad aisle. lol

    1. Do you really dance down the pad aisle?? lol…I have a very vivid image of that…

      My mum and my sister have had totally crap periods their whole lives and I always felt lucky because I never had any problems. Mum would take a whole pack of mersyndol a month and was a total psycho bitch. I have a feeling I’m not going to escape the curse.

  3. Scary question but…is it possible to sync up from thousands of miles apart? So far there is you, me and 2 other girls I know of via blog-land who all seem to be suffering at the same time……

    Oh…and being a victim of the stabby pains myself, I suggest scolding hot baths. Grab a book and just relax. Sometimes it helps me a lot.

    1. I think it is possible! I was synced up with kaya for ages there….lol.

      I’m thinking about getting one of those heat packs that you put in the microwave – or a gun. I have a feeling one of those will make me feel better.

  4. easy fix if you want to go down the surgery route…endometrial ablation, they burn the lining of the uterus, no more periods, cramps, pms, all gone..

  5. Carina, I was offered that when I had my hysto but was told there is a chance of the lining growing back as I was only young. I said TAKE IT OUT. I was never having kids so no point keeping the oven to do any baking.

  6. i feel you. mine have steadily worsened in my 30s (i’m now almost 38) to the point where i am thinking PMDD rather than regular PMS, it’s gotten sooooo bad (and for longer than ever each month too) I had my bloodwork done a couple of days ago to test hormone levels – waiting on results. Doc of course wanted to prescribe the Pill (specifically Yaz – of which i hear bad bad things) or anti-depressants taken only during the *bad* bits. When I get my results I’m going to consult a homeopath/naturopath first I think…

    What do you/would you take for yours (if anything?)

    1. Don’t tell me that!!! I’ve definitely felt a change since turning 30 and this year, they’ve been getting worse and worse. I was thinking about going back on the pill (Trifeme) for a while and seeing if that did anything. At this stage I’m thinking the wildly violent thoughts I experience while taking the pill might be better than than my period pain. I’ve heard a lot of things about Yaz too…some good, some bad.

      *hugs* hope you get some relief with something

      1. are your symptoms mainly *physical*? if so, that might be why your pill was giving you weird thoughts…that seems to be the experience of many women on the forums i perused re:Yaz – that if their symptoms were physical as opposed to emotional, they actually GOT emotional/mental issues as a side-effect (if that makes sense!)

        i guess it DOES make sense in a way – if your brain chemicals are ok, the extra chemicals in the Pill can fuck you up, whereas if you have emotional symptoms the Pill can balance any *lack* you may be experiencing.

        maybe there is an alternative Pill, or indeed an alternative *to* the Pill if your symptoms are primarily physical?

        Best of luck, and sorry if my comment scared you hahaha! We’re all different – hopefully we can both get sorted out before too long 🙂 xoxoxo

  7. The headache sounds like a menstrual migraine. They’ve been related to drops in estrogen. Riboflavin and magnesium are said to help. Mine go away if I take rx anti-inflammatories and triptans quick enough. However, any form of hormonal birth control has given me more migraines than when I’m off. Anyway, I don’t know if YOU are having them, but if it persists every month you might look into it 🙂

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