One wedding and a funeral

That title pretty much sums up my week.

I had a friend get married on Sunday, on that auspicious date of 10.10.2010 – along with ten million other couples it seems. I remember back in 2000 when I was into my second year of engagement and suddenly there were all these whisperings from his side of the family that we should be married on the auspicious first day of the new millenium,  1.1.2000 instead of waiting until I finished university. I’ve never really understood the ‘auspicious’ day thing – if your relationship isn’t strong enough to begin with, all the arguments of , ‘Oh, but we got married on a lucky day!’ ain’t gonna help one bit now, are they?

Case in point, my sister got married on 22nd November, which can be read in Japanese as ii fufu, meaning ‘good married couple’. I remember my ex getting all excited about what a good day it was to get married. Funnily enough, I spent 3hrs on the phone to her on Thursday night discussing her ongoing and very bitter divorce proceedings.

And the funeral bit, well the director of the company I worked for passed away so I attended his funeral on Thursday. I only met him once, but being the soft, soppy person I am, I ended up in tears several times during the service. All it takes for me is to see a bit of a sniffle from someone around me and suddenly I’m hauling out the tissues. There’s a word in Japanese for having someone else’s tears ‘rub off’ on you  – morainaki – meaning ‘to be given tears’ (and it’s those kind of cool words that keep me interested in Japanese after all these years…)

So yeah, I spent the whole day at the funeral and the wake with my boss – remember the boss who is driving me crazy? In the preceding days to the funeral he also successfully drove me crazy by calling me and sending me a billion email messages on my days off asking this, that and the other about flowers, condolence messages and so forth. I know I should be patient and happy to answer his questions about what to do on these occasions in a different culture and language, but I had to bite my tongue on so many occasions. I just wanted to say, ‘Google it for fuck’s sake!’

His wife arrived in Australia on Wednesday night, so at least I won’t have to feel sorry for him anymore and feel inclined to invite him to social occasions because he is all alone. I haven’t met his mystery woman yet, but I’m sure it won’t be too long until I do. I’m hoping also that she helps drop his anal tendencies down by a notch or two.

Other than that, I’ve been running sporadically, studying for my test even more sporadically, lusting over True Blood and waiting to hear back on one of the jobs I applied for. Actually I did hear back from the recruiter I had an interview with nearly a month back, saying that the HR guy had been away travelling and they were going to be short-listing and doing further interviews in the week of Oct 25th.

As far as True Blood is concerned, you know you’re obsessed when you go onto YouTube looking for interviews with the cast members and you get slightly disappointed when Alexander is not nearly as cool in real life as he is in the show. I’ve actually been thinking about buying the books just to get more of a fix, but I’d like to finish watching season 3 before I do that. I saw the version 2 boxed set on bookdepository for $60 with free postage world-wide which beats the $127 they want for it in Australian bookstores.

Speaking of feeling totally ripped off, I’ve had to stop watching American restaurant shows on the Travel and Living channel because thanks to the internet, I can go online and actually see how much these places are charging for their food and it’s depressing. Ribs for $17? All-you-can-eat OMG YUMMO buffets for $20? It didn’t used to be so bad when the Australian dollar was worth less, but as of today, AUD$1=USD$1 and that means seriously feeling ripped off. Don’t even get me started on our $17.50 movie tickets or $859 16G iPhones….

And is it just me, or am I ranting a lot lately?? lol


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  1. The Sookie Stackhouse series is really fantastic, and I recommend reading them, but don’t buy them thinking you’ll be reading the same story you’re watching. The show started veering from the books right in the first season.
    They’re both enjoyable but it’s apples and oranges…

    1. My friend who has the books told me it’s nothing like the series, so I’m prepared 🙂
      I’m imagining it’s a bit like the Terry Goodkind books and Legend of the Seeker.

      Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Hi,

    I spent 7 months in Melbourne in between 2007 and 2008 and I have to say that food ingredients and take aways were cheap, while I agree restaurants are very expensive.

    You also are right that stuff that came from outside Australia is very expensive, probably the price of living so far away from everyone else.


    1. And Perth is *even* more expensive! I wouldn’t have such an issue with expensive restaurants if going out to dinner wasn’t the only entertainment option here…lol.

      And what I don’t understand is everything is made in China, so isn’t it cheaper to bring it here because we’re closer, than ship it to the States?

  3. Almost 18 dollars for a movie ticket? And I thought our 10th dollar movie tickets were bad. Also, I’ve only read the Sookie Stackhouse novels, haven’t watched True Blood yet, but the novels are tons of fun.

    1. Even at the big chains like hoyts and event?

      Cinemas are pretty thin on the ground here so we don’t have a lot of choice except the big chains. We don’t even have a cinema left in the city centre anymore…

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