You may or may not have noticed that I changed the look of my blog. I felt it was time for a spring clean, so I’ve changed the template and the background image. The change-over was pretty painless except for the fact that now my menus don’t cascade, so I need to go in and make myself a heading page that I can put all the links to the individual pages on. Bear with me while I avoid doing that annoying task with all of my might, okay?

And I’m so proud of myself for using the word ‘cascade’…

Now does that sound ridiculously geeky or is my twat as furry as a bear rug? (yes and yes)

While pottering around on my blog, I happened to glance at today’s search terms and had a rip-snorting chuckle.


Speaking of search terms…I found a link to my blog in a blog written in German and was insatiably curious, so I sat there with google translate (because my skill with German ends with guten abend) and worked out what was written there.  It turned out to be a blog about how interesting the search terms on my blog were. It was gratifying to know that my quirky search terms had gone global…lol

And as a last snippet of stuff that you didn’t really need to know, but will find endlessly amusing, I’ll tell you about my unfortunate run-in with long-lasting lipstick.

The other weekend we were invited out to lunch and I was again under strict instructions from the man to go ‘slutty’. I managed to squeeze into a dress that – quite honestly – I’m a bit too fat for now and thought I’d go for the slut look with some cfml (cum fuck me lipstick). It was a deep purple and the type that is not supposed to budge. And actually, as far the ‘not budging’ is concerned, it performed really well…

…on my teeth…

All the lipstick on the inside area of my lips managed to rub itself onto my teeth giving me a look akin to a yokel who had spent the last two hours chewing tabac. Mmmmm…oh so sexy.

And of course, being non-budge, I COULDN’T GET THE DAMN STUFF OFF.

So I was sitting there trying not to open my mouth and still surreptitiously scrub the crap off my teeth with a tissue, all the while making polite conversation with people (as we’d just fucking sat down) and putting my lunch order in.

I think I’d rank this right up there with my skirt-tucked-into-my-underwear-at-work experience and the embarrassing boss-makes-joke-about-M-taking-me-for-a-walk-by-attaching-a-leash-to-my-collar experience.

Sometimes I feel like I need a stunt double for my life…


6 thoughts on “Housekeeping

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  1. Lol…I knew you’d be OCD about being called OCD 🙂

    It must have been fate that you were talking about being OCD in your blog today!

  2. Hi there, I’m the German blogger^^ and yes, I love your search terms, they’re just hilarious. Mine aren’t as cool… but I had “how can I drug someone with vivinox” (wtf?), “solitary cuffs” (the TV show) , “ballgag TV” and “he kissed her broobs brutally” this month. Apart from that, just random combinations of cane, schoolgirl, boarding school etc.
    (because I’ve written lots of stories – just two or three with schoolgirls and they’re definitely no masterpieces, but people love the classics^^)

    Btw, my only foreign-language-comment ever was a series of nasty Japanese words – how could we ever survive without Google^^

    1. Hi “German blogger”!!! *waves* (I do appreciate the de-lurk!!!!)

      Most of my search terms these days are hentai-related…lol.

      Babelfish and google are definitely my friends 🙂

  3. Hi Subtle,

    Come join us for Love Our Lurkers Day. Tell your friends! I know we had a lot of fun last year, so do come along. Check out Bonnie’s post at and let her know if you are posting a LOL.


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