I had a dream…

…that I was watching Charlie Harper doing bdsm stuff with a chick wearing a geisha hairdo (not the make up, just the hair) who was chained up takatekote style.

Like this, but with chain


He was like a kid on xmas morning using one toy for a couple of minutes and then going onto the next and he was strangely undoing all the locks on everything with a knife. The last thing I saw before I woke up was Charlie surveying the roof beams and exclaiming gleefully,

“And now comes the doggie harness!!”

I think I’ve been watching too many episodes of Two and a Half Men…

Because I’m anal, I was looking around for the name of that particular way of tying someone up and on the way I furthered my education about rope, tying someone up and all things Japanese bondage-like! *beams*

In summary:

There’s not a lot of information about hojoujutsu (ways of tying up prisoners with rope) because the ties used to be unique to certain groups and were closely guarded secrets.

The ties used indicated the social status of the person apprehended.

The colours of the ropes used indicated the crime and later on, represented the apprehending group.

Hojoujutsu got thrown out with all the other assorted Edo period stuff (a.ka. samurai stuff) when Japan embraced European ways in the Meiji period.

Hojoujutsu made a come back as shibari in the 1950’s and 60’s in Japan thanks to some girlie magazines.


God bless google and wiki.


4 thoughts on “I had a dream…

Add yours

    1. I LOL lurkers who de-lurk 🙂

      I like the aesthetics involved with shibari.

      As I said though, info about hojoujutsu is pretty thin on the ground – at least on the internet. I’m sure there’s lots lurking in those mysterious things called ‘books’ though.

      I always wondered why in the old movies they would tie prisoners up in a certain way. It seemed strange that they just didn’t tie the wrists and be done with it. Now I know!

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