Interesting things in my box

It’s been a while since I’ve had an amusing email from those folk over at containing pics of their best specimens of bdsm folk.  The first one was reasonably funny, the second one was pretty damn funny, but I think I’m finding this particular gentleman even funnier:

I’m not sure whether I’m more confused about the KISS-like makeup in the first pic, or the other pics that look like he was auditioning for Zena the Warrior Princess.

I can barely contain my enthusiasm for signing up for alt’s paid services, so I can find ‘great men like him’.

A few days earlier I also had this rather amusing message:

Being the very submissive person that I am, calling me BITCH sooooooooooooo makes me want to click on suspicious links so it’s quite an effective approach (except it would be slightly more effective if I did give a shit about people finding out I’m into ‘dirty stuff’).

Also being the slightly non-morning-person that I am, when I first looked at the message I had a moment where I was trying to remember who I ‘broke up’ with…lol.


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