It fulfills the nerdy geek in me

You may know or not know (and possibly care or not care) that I'm re-taking the Japanese Proficiency test on December 5th. The first time I took it was during my second year in Japan. At that time, I was attending Japanese language school for four hours a day, five days a week and I... Continue Reading →


Wardrobe malfunction

You know things aren't boding well for your job interview when you realise an hour before the appointment time that you've forgotten your bra. ...and you're wearing a white shirt. ...and you've got rosy nipples. But forget my bra today I did. So I went into emergency mode and went shopping for a bra 45... Continue Reading →


It's always so hard to find something that is just right. Like the search for the perfect pillow - not too high, not too low, but just right. Or the perfect pair of jeans - doesn't give me a muffin top, doesn't give me a fat ass, but just looks half-decent and doesn't require me to... Continue Reading →

Happy 300,000 to me!

Some time in the late hours of yesterday afternoon I passed that magical number of 300,000 views in my hit counter (although I'm pretty sure the last 100 or so were my views as I kept checking every five minutes or so, 'Am I there yet? Am I there yet?' So hip, hip hooray to Continue Reading →

Bun in the oven

So I have some surprising news... Just forget all the moaning and whining I did about people doing the 'obvious' relationship thing and deciding to pop one out. You may also need to forget the fact that I made up my mind never to have children. Because this morning, somewhere between home and the train... Continue Reading →

Apparently I’m 36…

Being a sucker for all sorts of online quizzes like, 'How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor?' and "How many hungry weasels could your body feed?'', I decided to do the Real Age test. It asks you all sorts of questions about health, relationships and diet and at the... Continue Reading →

You know you’re anal when…'re in M's bed having a pre-sleep banter session at 11pm and he says to you, "Have you done Einstein's riddle?" and before you go to sleep you just HAVE. TO.DO.IT. I'd never seen or heard of it before, but thanks to the google god, these days, everything is just a search away. The riddle... Continue Reading →

Thinking aloud

Before I was a slave, I was a teacher. I used to teach people about the joys of the English language and all its secret nooks and crannies, and there are many of those if you know where to look. Like 'breakfast'. When you start out learning English, you get told, 'In English, xxx is breakfast'... Continue Reading →

Parties and kissing ass

Saturday night we dragged ourselves out to our first play party in about twelve months. After much angsting about what to wear I decided on the theme 'five-dollar-love-you-long-time' and went in a 'Chinese-style' dress with my hair in Princess Leia-esque buns. The last time I'd worn that particular outfit was also the first time I ever... Continue Reading →

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