Parties and kissing ass

Saturday night we dragged ourselves out to our first play party in about twelve months. After much angsting about what to wear I decided on the theme ‘five-dollar-love-you-long-time’ and went in a ‘Chinese-style’ dress with my hair in Princess Leia-esque buns.

The last time I’d worn that particular outfit was also the first time I ever got naked in public so I had my misgivings about it, but fortunately, the man had decided that he wasn’t going to strip me naked and wasn’t going to do any play and that suited me just fine.

(Because, remember, I’m just a ‘pseudo-slave’ now 🙂 )

Admittedly a few times through the night I did have a twinge of wanting to show hapless newbies ‘how it’s really done’ but I contained myself and ended up having an extended talk about diet and exercise with someone who hadn’t seen me for ages and didn’t recognise me – being a bit smaller than I used to be and possibly also due to the fact that I was not naked or booted.

We watched some scary blood play courtesy of a very nasty vampire paddle and a broken crop that had been ‘fixed’ with tacks and spent most of our night grazing the food table and chatting. I’ve always wondered why you would go to a play party if you weren’t going to play, but I guess it’s ok just to go and be sociable (and let people know that you haven’t died…)

Earlier on in the afternoon I’d received a text from a friend asking if we were going to the party and would I mind taking a top belong to the party host back for her. After waiting for it to be dropped around for 30 minutes or so we got bored and started having some afternoon delight in the privacy of the bedroom. Everyone knows that the door bell will ring right in the middle of it and true to form it did.

I was expecting the man to answer the door, take the top and say ‘Hi’ and “Bye” so I just hung out naked and booted in the bedroom.

The man had other ideas though.

Other ideas along the lines of hauling my naked ass out onto the kitchen table and having our friends take a video of him kissing my ass.

I’m sure your reaction to this turn of events was much the same as my reaction at the time: “WTF???!!!??!!!”

Just to explain, a couple of days earlier M had proudly pointed out a car he has been lusting over in the car park. I took one look at and said he must be fucking blind mistaken because that wasn’t his car. Then ensued the “Yes, it is!”, “No, it isn’t!” game and finally I said I would bet him $50 it wasn’t. To which he said he wanted something more ‘meaningful’  to bet with so I suggested an ass kissing.

And there we have it. He was wrong, of course, and I got a super-dooper ass kissing.

The video is up on Fetlife for those of you who have paid accounts (and who are interested in ass kissing).

All I will say about it, is that for a man with no empathy, he kisses ass really well.


4 thoughts on “Parties and kissing ass

Add yours


    Are you a FetLife shill? I swear I’ll have to stop reading. It will pain me. I will email you constantly. But I WILL stop reading.

    Also, hi.


    1. Lol…need some more sleep sweetie?

      The cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die truth is that I just cannot be bothered to sit down and edit the video so it’s small enough for me to upload to the other blog…

      That’s it. I’m just bone-ass lazy. Hopefully that will set your mind at ease about me being a shill 🙂

      P.S Neither of us have paid accounts over at ‘douchebag central’ so while M happily uploads all sorts of videos over there, neither of us can watch any of them…lololol.

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