You know you’re anal when…

…you’re in M’s bed having a pre-sleep banter session at 11pm and he says to you, “Have you done Einstein’s riddle?” and before you go to sleep you just HAVE. TO.DO.IT.

I’d never seen or heard of it before, but thanks to the google god, these days, everything is just a search away.

The riddle took me 20 minutes…so apparently I’m ‘smart’ but not ‘Einstein-smart’. I’m not sure whether the ‘only 2% of the population can solve it’ spiel is true. I just think only 2% of the population can be BOTHERED to solve it. I’m all into doing time-wasting things like that, just so I can casually drop it into conversation:

“Yeah, it’s been hot recently. So hot in fact that I worked up quite a sweat solving Einstein’s riddle the other day. Yes….solving it. Only 2% of the population can solve it you know…”

I guess the burning question is why did M ask such a random question to begin with? Well, I was telling him about the 12 Pillars of Wisdom test I’d done, and how my memory sucks. A string of numbers over 5 digits and I’m fucked. So he said that he’d done the riddle and that’s when I smelled a challenge and got all perky. Even though I’m the small-s in the relationship, I don’t like the ‘s’ to stand for ‘stupid’ (unfortunately, it does a lot of time though, and I keep making myself look stupid by saying blonde stuff like, “I always thought it was called the Spanish Inquisition because it happened in Spain!”)

I also recommend that when you’re doing the 12 Pillars of Wisdom test that your boss is not sitting there telling you about something and all the little beeps and boops keep going off in the background.

My concentration span these days also tends to be totally fucked. I’ve been trying to set aside some time to do Japanese study and the most I manage is about 15 minutes. Then I need to go and do something else for a while and come back to it. So generally I have 5 or 6 things that I’ve started and keep coming back to in rotation to do 10-15 minutes of before I move to the next thing.

It’s not exactly the sign of an ordered mind is it?

As I get older my concentration span seems to be getting shorter and shorter. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around?!?

I remember ages ago (re. five years ago) when I was whining about having a really fucked memory and the-one-who-shall-remain-name-less said in his best “I’m a mysterious dom” voice (that I totally fell for every time) ‘It’s the collar that does that’ and I was all, ‘Yeah….’ and nodding and acting like he’d explained the meaning of life or something.

I also remember telling him about some ‘floaty sub-space’ feeling I’d had while running on a treadmill at the gym and once again in his best ‘mysterious dom voice’ he said, ‘That’s your mind realising its submissiveness and taking on its natural state’ and I was all, ‘Yeah…’

I didn’t think at the time that I was possibly a bit dehydrated and all I needed was a drink of water and that ‘floaty feeling’ would go right away…

Anyway, if you’re bored and anal knock yourselves out with a test or two so you can casually drop the fact into conversation at your next cocktail party.


3 thoughts on “You know you’re anal when…

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  1. oh my god, i did that 12 pillars of wisdom text a week ago, and was horrified! i used to have a fairly high IQ (on the traditional tests), but not on this one. It’s so hard! Maybe i should blame it on the collar, i certainly don’t remember being this stupid…


  2. You know your mind’s in the gutter when you read this post twice and wonder where the ‘anal’ comes in!! I was sure M was gonna bone your butt while you filled in a quiz or something. Ooops. 😉

    I tried the riddle, and was sure I had figured it out…..guess I am like most of the population 🙂

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