Happy 300,000 to me!

Some time in the late hours of yesterday afternoon I passed that magical number of 300,000 views in my hit counter (although I’m pretty sure the last 100 or so were my views as I kept checking every five minutes or so, ‘Am I there yet? Am I there yet?’ So hip, hip hooray to me…lol.

It’s taken a while to rack up that number of views. I’ve been blogging since 2005 – with the first three years on livejournal and the last three years on wordpress. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve had a much bigger readership since moving over to wordpress. Actually, come to think of it, I do know why. My years on livejournal saw me pretty much exclusively writing about bdsm, but since coming to wordpress I’ve branched out into blogging about whatever takes my fancy.

I think it says something when blogs about Japan get many, many more hits than naked pics of yours truly and her boots collection 🙂

Looking back I’ve got some favourite blog moments and if I’d been smart, I would have tagged my favourite posts with something that would allow me to go back with nothing more than a click. But, you know me – half-assed and totally lazy – so instead, I’ve got to wade through the 952 posts I’ve done to get to mildly interesting stuff.

And here is some of it (in no particular order):

Why women don’t bother asking men to do things around the house

Thanks also for leaving comments (all 5,132 of them!!) and most of all, for reading.

Updated: OMG…and I think I want to cry now, because I just spent 8 hrs going through all my posts and adding links to the entry and they’ve all disappeared but one….

I need a stiff drink…


5 thoughts on “Happy 300,000 to me!

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  1. Well done you, thats a great figure. I am very proud approaching 20,000 views over the last 10 months! Now I know what I am aimming at….LOL…..in my dreams.


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