Problems of a small town

People you don't want to meet work in shops you want to go into You can't go anywhere without being spotted by someone you know My father knows where I am and how to contact me Fruit & veg are ridiculously expensive 'Closed until February' is a common sign in the shop windows over Christmas... Continue Reading →


A belated xmas

On Thursday night I jumped on a low-cost carrier and flew to the other side of Australia to the sleepy little country town that I was born in and where my entire family lives. My journey started with a forty-minute wait in the check-in line and then a rush to the front of the queue in... Continue Reading →

Working girl

Well, I got the job. The one that I forgot my bra for in the first interview. Remember that one? Yeah that one. After a second interview on Tuesday and much too-ing and fro-ing about salaries and whatnot for the next three days, I received a formal job offer on Friday afternoon. It was a... Continue Reading →

Kanji tattoos 101

So you want to get a tatt and you think Japanese kanji looks cool. Well, before you go and indelibly ink your body, there are a few things that you should know to avoid having something really unfortunate on your skin that people in the 'know' will point and giggle at forever and ever. 1.... Continue Reading →

Bitch for a day

You would think that after many, many failed bets with M that I would have learned my lesson by now, but no. I still feel the need to get up on my high horse and make bets when I think he is wrong and I am right. I'm usually wrong, of course. Actually, I'm wrong 99.999999%... Continue Reading →

I’m a tits and ass man

My favourite thing at the moment is not looking at the funky search terms on my blog, but looking at the funky groups I'm being invited to be a member of on Flickr.... Ample ass.... I think that just sums it up beautifully. I was having a quick browse through fet today and noticed a... Continue Reading →


I think it gets worse each year. In fact, I'm not just feeling non-festive, I'm actually finding that anything to do with Christmas makes me want to hurl. I went out in search of a new outfit for my 2nd job interview on Thursday night after work and started getting really nauseous right after I... Continue Reading →

A rant and an update

We were having lunch with some friends the other week and for some reason, we got onto the topic of religion. Normally I don't get into discussions of a political, historical or religious nature, but this was just one discussion that I couldn't stay out of. One of our friends, let's call him The Mr.... Continue Reading →

In case you were wondering…

I'm not dead. I haven't been abducted by aliens. And I haven't been sold into slavery. (...couldn't resist that one...) I'd like to be able to say that some seriously good shit happened and I was so busy enjoying myself that I didn't have time to blog. But it didn't. Lol. Actually the slightly banal... Continue Reading →

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