I think it gets worse each year. In fact, I’m not just feeling non-festive, I’m actually finding that anything to do with Christmas makes me want to hurl.

I went out in search of a new outfit for my 2nd job interview on Thursday night after work and started getting really nauseous right after I spotted the flash of Santa photos being taken from a hundred feet away in the shopping centre. Things just went down hill from then on.

I was also painfully reminded of why I have to get really motivated in order to go clothes shopping – it’s impossible to find (a) anything I like and (b) anything that fits me properly. I’m not sure why but I found it IMPOSSIBLE to find a shirt with a collar and 3/4 or long sleeves that I could wear to an interview. I wasn’t even being particularly picky about material or colour or anything, but they just did not exist! Instead I found racks of floral hippy maxi dresses, sleeveless ruffled shirts and trampy shit I’d wear if I was working the streets.

Then I tried to find a skirt. That was a whole other kettle of fish. First I grabbed four styles in a size ten to find that none of them fit my ample ass. Then I went looking for size 12s and of course they didn’t have any. So then I grabbed three different styles in size 12 and they didn’t fit my ample ass. So then I went looking for size 14s and couldn’t find any. Then I found three different ones in size 14 and they fit my ample ass but I could have driven a truck through the gap around my waist (and of course there were no size 12s). The one size 12 I did find that fit me had a flaw in the fabric but there was only that one left so I didn’t want to buy it.

It was almost comical.

Two hours later and forty-five things tried on later, I managed to buy two skirts (one had a slightly broken eyelet but I can sew that back on myself and it fit me so I was buying the fucker) and a shirt/jacket type of thing that has sleeves that are two inches shorter than I like but is bearable.

So this is the outfit:

The only redeeming feature of this top are the gathers at the back:

The detail on the skirt (I really like this so I sucked up the broken eyelet at the back):

And shoes (previously purchased):

I was so glad M wasn’t with me. He would have exploded after the thirty-minute or ten-outfit mark – which ever came sooner.

So after the outfit, I decided I needed a handbag to go with it, so I splurged and bought a guess hobo (25% off so I couldn’t resist):

I’ve been lusting after a ‘proper’ bag for about 18mths and was going to buy one with some bling, but I thought that bling probably wouldn’t give me the right image. Jungle print? Maybe. Blinding-the-interviewer bling? Probably not.

While out shopping, I also grabbed a couple of prezzies for M and something for my sister. Some bastards broke into her car and took her mp3 player and all the cables and some cds she had in there. It’s sad that in some sleepy little backwater town people still do crappy things (I know you’re not supposed to leave them in there, but still…) It’s even crappier that she is having such a crappy time with her ex and everything. After talking to her for a couple of hours on Wednesday night, I just thought I really needed to do whatever I could to make her happy.

Anyway, so there I was in the bath shaving my bits on Friday morning before my scheduled interview when I got a call from the recruiter saying the interviewers were unable and they wanted to postpone until next Tuesday. I felt like saying, “But I just shaved my bits for them!!” but I thought perhaps that would be akin to saying at the end of a job interview, ‘I’m not actually a dickhead’ so I refrained.

So Tuesday it is. Let’s get this show on the road.


4 thoughts on “So.not.feeling.festive.

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  1. i would have given up after 3 try ons..i just dont have the patience to try on, take off, get dressed, go look for more and do it all over again.

  2. I’m not a Xmas person, neither is my Dad but we put on the festive cheer for the rest of the family. LOL

    That does suck about your sister’s car, bastard/s!!!

    I’m with carina, no way would I have spent all that time trying to find clothes. Instead I would have just turned up wearing the emergency bra and nothing else. *snickers*

    And why couldn’t you mention the shaved bits? You never know, that could have been the clincher. 😛 😉

    What kind of crazy person says “I’m not really a dickhead” at the end of an interview? *slinks off*

  3. It might have taken forever, but it’s a cute outfit! So that’s a win on one front.

    Pregnancy is the only time I like clothes shopping. Who cares if I look like a whale? I’m supposed to!

  4. I have the same problems buying clothes that you do. I am curvy with a small waist and bigger hips. I know how you feel about shopping! It takes me for-frikkin-ever to find outfits. And I’m not that into shopping to begin with.

    Which reminds me… I have nothing wintery to wear. Too much homework and not enough free time.

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