A belated xmas

On Thursday night I jumped on a low-cost carrier and flew to the other side of Australia to the sleepy little country town that I was born in and where my entire family lives.

My journey started with a forty-minute wait in the check-in line and then a rush to the front of the queue in the last five minutes of check-in ( I was at the airport an hour and twenty minutes before my departure time like a good girl!) When I eventually started the check-in process,  the booking I had made and paid for over eight months ago had somehow disappeared. Several hurried calls to manager-type people as I stood at the check-in desk followed and at last I was checked into a cabin crew seat. Upon boarding the plane I had to wait up the back of the plane while everyone else boarded and when an empty seat appeared mysteriously on the ‘full plane’, I was ushered into it.

Not quite the best start to an overnight flight.

But the plane did make it on time and I made my connecting flight and twelve hours after leaving Perth, I arrived to tears and hugs and all was right with the world.

Christmas lunch was a low-key affair with ham, turkey, chicken, prawns, pickled pork and salad. Followed by a Christmas dinner of ham, turkey, chicken, prawns, pickled pork and salad. Followed by a boxing day lunch of ham, turkey, chicken, prawns, pickled pork and salad. Followed by a boxing day dinner of….I’m sure you get the idea. I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll be having every day until New Year’s day.

M’s plum pudding went down a treat with sighs of ecstasy echoing around the table as everyone took their first bite. I don’t think they quite believed me when I said he made a mean pudding, but they’re definitely converts now to the Church of M’s Orgasmic Plum Pudding.

I’ve been spending some quality time with my nieces and several hours were spent today playing mini table tennis. Yesterday several hours were spent playing Humpty Dumpty’s wall game (think Humpty sitting on Jenga). Even my attention span was waning after the 501st time building the damn wall.

Tomorrow I have more niece-minding duties and I’m thinking it’s going to be several more hours of mini table tennis and humpty fucking dumpty. God, kill me now please….

So, yeah, all highly exciting stuff I’ve been doing over the past few days. I bet you can’t wait for my next post…


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  1. I can think of worse ways to spend the Christmas holiday. I’m particularly dreading going to have a late Christmas dinner with the Captain’s paternal family – people I have met exactly once.

    Also on the topic of things I’m dreading: finding a home for the eleventy million new pieces of crap my kids got for Christmas. Holy hell.

    Hope you’re having a good time, Humpty Dumpty and all. xo

    1. I’m pitying my sister having to find room for all the new crap too. Fortunately, it will all be either broken or forgotten very quickly and can be disposed of in the garbage bin!

  2. keep dealing you humpty dumpy is an attention seeking whore and all the Kings Horses and all the Kings men couldn’t keep from falling down and yet the bastard keeps on getting on that wall and saying look me fall.

  3. was actually concerned you may have been washed away…the weather over this side of the country is slightly moist to say the least! glad to hear you are well, if going slightly insane 😉

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Not washed away…yet! The creek has been up cutting off a few of the roads around town at various times, but nothing too serious. I’ve never seen the place looking so green and the dams so full though – what a difference buckets and buckets of rain makes!

  4. wow, my heart would have sunk with what happened with you at the airport, least you got a seat but im wondering if you were put in a crew seat, where would that member of the crew sit?

    enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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