Problems of a small town

  • People you don’t want to meet work in shops you want to go into
  • You can’t go anywhere without being spotted by someone you know
  • My father knows where I am and how to contact me
  • Fruit & veg are ridiculously expensive
  • ‘Closed until February’ is a common sign in the shop windows over Christmas
  • No-one has Foxtel and all the tv channels are ‘regional versions’

My hometown is one of those quaint picture postcard places that people from the ‘city’ pass through on their way to the beaches of Queensland. It’s full of churches, boarding schools and Edwardian houses. The main pastime is gossiping about other people in the town and discussing the weather. After one week, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a good place to visit when I start thinking that Perth is getting a bit too tame for my liking.

I always get a bit lost when I come home  – with not much to keep me occupied and without my familiar stuff around me. Generally there is nothing to do but sit and chat, which is good…for a few days. Then you run out of things to talk about and the topic of conversation turns to the weather, who has died and who has had a baby.

I think I’m suffering from fruit and WoW withdrawal. I’m normally a three-pieces-of-fruit-a-day-girl and I think I’ve only had a banana in the last week. I could do with a mango or several. And WoW….maybe it’s a good thing I can’t play it or I’d never emerge from my bedroom to see the light of day.

It’s New Year’s day tomorrow and it will be a deja vu xmas experience without the presents. I’m cooking a turkey roll at the moment to have cold with some salad. We’ve still got a half a ham left over from xmas so that will make an appearance as well.

Happy New Year all!


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