Love by any other name

I was watching the movie,  He's just not that into you last night and I got annoyed. Not only was I annoyed by the continual under-boob-sweat I was having (it's been stoopid hot and humid here for several days now) but I was annoyed because - yet again- I got excited by a movie that... Continue Reading →


Newsflash – I’m still getting rammed up the ass

And it's not by Mr Pink, Mr Purple or a particularly firm cucumber either. Just one word. Work. I've been thinking about taking a futon to work and just crashing there instead of spending 2+ hours getting to and from work on top of my  ten-hour+ work days, but that would be entirely too Japanese... Continue Reading →

Housekeeping & a return!

As I wrote in my post last week, my new job is severely hurting me in a place where the sun don't shine. It's been crazy and one day I was functioning on three hours of sleep (which actually caused me to fall asleep in the car on the way to somewhere with a load... Continue Reading →

People are interesting part #367

So I take a browse through my search terms for this year and see these gems: there's someone going into my rear end! surprised who sucked my dick what to do to sex slave for a day -bible -auction -trafficking -rape carrying umbrella looking like a twat ever licked a hemmorhoid? will a 24" dildo... Continue Reading →

One down, fifty one to go

Well I survived my first week at work...barely. As far as the new job is concerned, I haven't been kicked in the rectum so hard and so fast for quite some time. It was an interesting experience for my almost-virgin asshole that had been firmly seated in my comfort zone for quite some time. A... Continue Reading →

In a nutshell

Here's a run down of what's been happening since I last posted: I bought a purty new laptop I spent waaaaaaaaaaay too much money on clothes, shoes, bags, assorted accessories and said laptop My trip home finished waaaaaaaaaay too quickly I returned to Perth on Jetstar and just scraped in under the 20kg luggage restriction with 19.6kg... Continue Reading →

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