In a nutshell

Here’s a run down of what’s been happening since I last posted:

  1. I bought a purty new laptop
  2. I spent waaaaaaaaaaay too much money on clothes, shoes, bags, assorted accessories and said laptop
  3. My trip home finished waaaaaaaaaay too quickly
  4. I returned to Perth on Jetstar and just scraped in under the 20kg luggage restriction with 19.6kg in my bag (I also had another 15kg or so in my ‘secret’ carry-on luggage…hehehehe)
  5. I had a medical and completed my first day at my new job

Not much really…lol.

So I’m writing this on my new Toshiba laptop that is white and very girlie. M christened it ‘Precious’ in a throw-back moment to Lord of the Rings. I’d thought about buying one for a while as my old laptop had a hard drive smaller than my ipod and was painfully slow due to its 512MB of ram (how quaint I hear you say!), but it wasn’t until I saw my white precious that I made the decision to burn another hole in my wallet. In a super strange move for me, Miss Anal 2009/2010/2011, I also bought it without really looking at the specs or knowing anything about it. The fact that it was white had me sold.

My trip home was good and sad. I’m never a big fan of those teary goodbyes at the airport. I normally end up bawling for most of the flight to Sydney and spend most of my trip back with a splitting headache. It was nice to return to my other home though and lovely to see M. After his threats of not coming to pick me up because I wasn’t wearing slutwear or boots, he did come to the airport and was waiting for me when I walked off the plane.

My first day of work in my new job today was loooooooooooong. It started with a medical at 8am which M drove me to and while I was being poked, prodded and directed to pee into a cup he went off to a nearby cake factory and bought me a couple of ultra girlie cupcakes to celebrate my first day of work. He then drove me to work and came to pick me up at 5pm when I finished.

(I should probably put something in here about some severe beatings or something just to maintain his ‘hard-ass dom’ image, but just remember, the man bought me CUPCAKES!!! Squeeeeee!!!!!)

It’s going to take me a while to get used to being an 8-5 girl as it’s been a while since I’ve worked full-time. I’m guessing by Friday, I’ll be totally fucked. I spent most of my first day at work today being stuffed full of info that I’m sure I will forget by tomorrow and I also ended up with a couple of lovely blisters from my new shoes. I’m not exactly hot-office-chick material and when I start trying to be something I’m not I get blisters, dried snot balls in various places and wardrobe malfunctions.

I wonder what unfortunate things tomorrow will bring.


5 thoughts on “In a nutshell

Add yours

  1. Precious is very nice nice sure you’ll enjoy loading the 640 gig with loads of porn and Japanese stuff

    Hope your new shoes don’t keep blistering you

    Your new office outfit was gorgeous

    Glad you enjoyed the cup cakes and l am sorry they weren’t as pretty as l wanted them to be for you

    Hope your travel to work tomorrow by bus or train works out for you and the weather isn’t too hot



  2. Congrats on finishing what by now must be your first week at the new job. How exciting!

    I was thinking about you and your boots the other day as I was out shopping, lol. I want a cupcake!!!

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