People are interesting part #367

So I take a browse through my search terms for this year and see these gems:

there’s someone going into my rear end!

surprised who sucked my dick

what to do to sex slave for a day -bible -auction -trafficking -rape

carrying umbrella looking like a twat

ever licked a hemmorhoid?

will a 24″ dildo fit in my ass?

is buttplugs bad for female pooper size

dawn dishwashing pelican

you want the job? suck my cock

face slapping with scat

ideal female hips for childbearing

butplug stuck up arse will it come out

wearing butt plug i feel like i need to shit

Then I get an email to say I’ve received a message on alt and I go there and find this gem:

I’m not sure if I’m more amused by his proposal or his interesting use of question marks??? Apparently he is confused by question marks??? A question mark on the end of a sentence does not a proposal make. Or maybe he’s not really sure about whether he wants to pay someone to shit in his mouth???

M thinks I should drop him an email and ask him how much he’s willing to pay whereas I’m not thinking about money,  I’m thinking about the logistics of how you crap into someone’s mouth…

And that brings to mind a very vivid image that is making me throw up in my mouth a bit…

Just a bit.

We’re only sixteen days into the new year people. If this is an indication of my year to come, this shall be a very entertaining year indeed.


3 thoughts on “People are interesting part #367

Add yours

  1. pmsl…face slapping with scat

    maybe the question marks were for *what do ya think* and that he was just too lazy to type it.

  2. Still wondering how much is kitten scat worth and when she say’s precious in the future is she talking about her new lap top or what’s just popped out into the bowl

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