Newsflash – I’m still getting rammed up the ass

And it’s not by Mr Pink, Mr Purple or a particularly firm cucumber either.

Just one word. Work.

I’ve been thinking about taking a futon to work and just crashing there instead of spending 2+ hours getting to and from work on top of my  ten-hour+ work days, but that would be entirely too Japanese of me.

Actually this week I’ve been having serious deja vu of when I was living and working in Japan. I’d normally get home at 9pm and sometimes as late as 11pm and then I’d be cooking dinner, bathing and falling into bed, only to get up a few hours later and do it all over again. Except the only difference was I wasn’t actually ‘working’ as much as I am now. The hours I spent at work were greater, but I wasn’t doing the amount of work I am doing now. Paperwork was swimming in front of my eyes by this afternoon and I just couldn’t seem to focus.

As a result of my conscientiousness at work over the past three weeks,  I’ve broken out into some sort of stress rash – the likes of which I haven’t seen since I was going through my divorce….lol.

So what does one do when one is stressed?

Buy shoes of course.

I hit the shops tonight and snagged a couple of pairs of shoes (for work…..) and a blouse (for work….). The fact that I only bought things for work kind of took the shine off it all, but hey….at least I have more shoes.

M came into town to pick me up when I finished shopping because he doesn’t like me going on public transport late at night (awwwww….so sweet). So while I waited for him, I bought myself a bubble tea and sucked away. I chose taro milk tea with black sago pearls and red beans. I think it was my second-ever bubble tea and the first I’ve had in Australia. I do love chewy things and as I gnashed at my sago, I reminded myself that it’s the weekend and I don’t have to go to work for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!!

I also got my first paycheck on Wednesday. Compared to my last job, I got a raise of….wait for it….$1.43/hr!

Yeah, I was beside myself.

But I am getting paid on a 40hr week instead of an 18 hr week, so I definitely have more money coming in – at least enough to cover the mortgage and our bills. Probably not enough for mortgage, bills, two pairs of shoes and a blouse, but meh.

I’m going to have to sit down and make a spreadsheet of the budget so we can figure out how to live within what I earn so we don’t keep eating into savings. I also opened up a bank account with a different bank because they were offering two percent more interest and that may just be the difference between having enough money to buy food and not.

I really have to stop buying shoes.

Shoes vs. food. What do you think?

P.S I’ve added another quirky Japan post here


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