On bondage and security

I've been doing this thing in bed for a while and I never knew why until I was watching a tv programme the other day and it all made sense. For several months now I've had this thing of wedging myself between pillows in bed - one behind my back, one in front of my front.... Continue Reading →


Yee-haw, this week’s round-up!

Where to begin...where to begin.... I received a care-package in the mail from my good friend in Japan on Friday. She often sends me goodies when my supplies of the necessities of life like peperoncino-flavoured pasta snacks and cantaloupe kitkats, are getting low.   I'm especially looking forward to using the sushi-kit and the chicken... Continue Reading →

Is that a wookie or a hairbrush?

I thought it was about time I cleaned my hairbrush.... (Photo inspired by Sephi's recent haircut and reference to baby wookies.) Now that hairball would be enough to choke any bad-ass kitty. I'm surprised I've got any hair left on my head.... Well, another week has gone by without a blog from me. Not much... Continue Reading →

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