Is that a wookie or a hairbrush?

I thought it was about time I cleaned my hairbrush….

(Photo inspired by Sephi’s recent haircut and reference to baby wookies.)

Now that hairball would be enough to choke any bad-ass kitty. I’m surprised I’ve got any hair left on my head….

Well, another week has gone by without a blog from me. Not much has happened except copious amounts of work and a visit from the red plague of death.

Actually I have a funny story about when plague came to visit last Sunday. I was a bit ‘antsy’ so I was watching some porn on my laptop and can I just say that watching porn on my new laptop is a very pleasant experience!!! Yay for uberly fast downloads!!! So anyway, I was watching porn and feeling a bit juicy so I decided to find out what was happening below. One finger….two fingers…three fingers… and by this stage I was thinking that this was the juiciest I’ve been for quite some time and I was getting quite excited by the fact.

Then I looked at my fingers.

And the sheets.

Hello plague.

Sorry….was that TMI?

In other less TMI news, remember that Japanese translation contest I said I’d entered a couple of months back? Well, I won. There were only 37 entries and apparently I sucked the least making me the winner. The award presentation is this Friday so I’ll be going to collect my prize cheque and get my photo taken for the newspaper…lol.

I had a phone call a couple of weeks back to say that I’d won and I suggested to M that with the winnings we get the range rover serviced and the car alarm fixed. For several months now the ear-piercing car alarm has gone off for several minutes whenever the car has been unlocked. Pretty much we’ve been announcing to the whole neighbourhood whenever we go somewhere in the car and a trip to the supermarket involves standing around in the carpark with the alarm going off and everyone staring at you as through you’re trying to steal your own car.

So $1000 later the range was serviced and we were told that after jiggling with the electrics, the mechanic couldn’t make the alarm go off and so he didn’t think it would be a problem anymore.

This morning we went out shopping and you guessed it….ear-piercing alarm echoing throughout the neighbourhood. Then we hit the supermarket and once again…alarm, alarm, alarm.

I’m feeling very peeved at this moment. The only reason I wanted to get the car serviced was so the alarm would be fixed and if it wasn’t going to be fixed, I could think of much better things to do with $1000. So to alleviate my peeves, I made another loaf of bread this afternoon. This time it was a Chia loaf. I find the kneading thing to be therapeutic and calming in a my-arm-is-about-to-fall-off-from-unaccustomed-exercise way.

Speaking of Japanese, I also got an email about the test results I did for the test way back in December – apparently the results are on their way. Yay??

The chick who has been away from work for the past two weeks is coming back on Monday so hopefully things at work will settle down a bit. Instead of doing two jobs, I’ll just be doing my job so I’m guessing things will stop being so crazy. Once they do I’m hoping to start up my running twat programme again. I’d like to do a half-marathon this year and I’m thinking that some runs around King’s Park after work would be just the thing to base my training programme on. I haven’t run for almost two months now so I’m guessing that it’s going to be back to the drawing board for me and I’ll be starting from zero again. Or is it like riding a bike? I’m hoping it’s the latter so I don’t have to go through those weeks of feeling like a totally unfit git and huffing and puffing around the place.

I never really said much about my resolutions for this year. Hey, it’s only February! Better late than never, right?!

  • lose five kilograms (ideally ten but I have to be realistic)
  • run a half-marathon in a half-decent time
  • go walking with M in the evenings
  • catch up with everyone who has sent me cards & emails and whom I’ve been ignoring during this whole job fiasco thing
  • blog at least twice a week…*cough cough*
  • do my ironing for the coming week before 10pm on Sunday nights
  • find something productive to do in my 2hrs commuting time everyday
  • be happier in my own skin

So if I owe you an email or a card or something, don’t faint if you actually receive one from me. And if you don’t receive it within the next couple of days, just laugh at how I suck at keeping my resolutions.


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    1. Thanks for the advice. The model we have is the much older classic model and has no key fob etc. We’ll be looking for other solutions though.

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