Yee-haw, this week’s round-up!

Where to begin…where to begin….

  • I received a care-package in the mail from my good friend in Japan on Friday. She often sends me goodies when my supplies of the necessities of life like peperoncino-flavoured pasta snacks and cantaloupe kitkats, are getting low.
Care package part 1


I’m especially looking forward to using the sushi-kit and the chicken and burdock root mix for rice.

Part 2 - Okonomiyaki ingredients, furikake & salted konbu

She also included some Hello Kitty goods she received from the bank when she opened a new account. I actually think that I’d prefer to pass up the free gifts and get more than the 0.01% interest rate the banks offer. But then again, that calendar with the bow is damn cute.

Fulfilling my role in the great-Japan-gift-giving ritual I will now send her a package of goodies including the best that Australia has to offer: killer python gummi, nasi goreng instant noodles and yoghurt covered dried fruit. Yeah… you’re hard up to find something interesting in the supermarkets of the land of down-under. I might see if I can mix something koala-shaped in there too (I’ve done the chocolate caramello koalas to death so need something else…)

  • Last week I also got my certificate to say I’d passed the Japanese test I took back in December last year. I was expecting to also find a sheet of paper in the envelope giving me the break-down of my scores in each section, but finding nothing I called the organizer of the test to get some more information. She told me over the phone that I’d scored 179/180 and only lost one point.  What was hilarious though, was that after hearing my score, I wasn’t deliriously happy that I’d passed, I was bummed that I’d missed out on a perfect score by just one point…lol. That’s the A+++++  over-achiever in me coming out to play.
  • In an effort to reduce some of my commuting stress and use my time more wisely, I’ve started getting off the bus early and walking up the hill to my office. Time-wise it’s much the same as being jammed on a bus and I get to do a bit of exercise. The down-side is that I need to wear sneakers and I’m too lazy to get changed at work. So I’ve been doing the very unattractive business-clothes-with-socks-and-sneakers look. I said to myself that I was never going to do it because it looks so 1980’s (in fact, if I had big hair and shoulder pads I would be looking like Melanie Griffith at the start of Working Girl before she has the transformation) but I caved and went for no-blisters over fashion.
  • Work was pretty…meh. Long days, lots of problems and a fair amount of stress. I had  dinner out on Thursday night with a visitor from Japan, but he was totally in English mode so I respected that and spoke in English with him for the entire evening. It’s always a bit tricky to know what language to speak as I know myself how annoying it is when people ‘assume’ that you can’t speak a language, so I generally only switch to Japanese if I know their English is not so good and or if they talk to me in Japanese.
  • I cut M’s hair as he was beginning to have a definite ‘crazy-professor’ look about him and it’s been too hot to be wearing anything that you don’t need to be. There was a very impressive pile on the hair after I’d finished:

Not as impressive as the six-inches he mistakenly (??) cut off my hair, but still impressive none-the-less.

  • After reading many scare-mongering stories of bananas reaching $15/kilogram after the floods, cyclones, fires and everything else, we purchased bananas for $2.99/kilogram at our local market. This is why I don’t read newspapers anymore – that and the fact that there are many more interesting things on the net than newspapers:

I *heart* chewie.


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  1. Cantaloupe-flavoured Kit-Kat? Who knew!

    It’s amazing what passes for ordinary in other countries. Take our Canadian chocolate-covered moose droppings, for example.

    1. They’re quite yummy. But I think my favourite so far is green tea.

      We have chocolate-covered kangaroo poo – but I’m guessing that your moose poo is more impressive 🙂

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