A Friday I won’t forget

My sister has a brain tumour. It has its own blood supply, it's on her left cerebrum and it's in a hard to get at place. I don't even know if I want to be talking about this shit on here. I don't even know what I feel except completely over-whelmed... I found out on... Continue Reading →


There comes beauty

The news from Japan changes almost as quickly as I can write it, so I'll stop doing updates of doom and gloom. Instead I'll talk about the good things that have come out of the darkness. Japan is country that has had more than its fair share of disasters - both natural and man-made. It... Continue Reading →

A clinical Japan update

The first Fukushima Nuclear Plant has four reactors. At the moment, 181 workers are at the plant trying to control the situation despite the high levels of radiation being emitted.  There are normally 800 people who work at the plant and all but 73 people were evacuated on the morning of March 15th. Since then,... Continue Reading →


So four days, numerous emails and phone calls later, I finally heard from my ex-hubby. He's alive and well and somewhere far from home. Oh and he's Japanese - just in case you forgot. He drives long-distance buses the length and breadth of Japan and I had all sorts of bad feelings when I first... Continue Reading →

Japan sadness continues…

The Prime Minister has just announced that the explosion at the power plant has only affected the outer structure - not the inner reactor itself - and was caused by oxygen mixing with hydrogen in the outer shell. At this stage, there is no immediate risk of radiation leaking out. They are still looking for a way... Continue Reading →

My poor Japan…

As everyone who isn't a shag on a rock should be aware by now, there has been a series of rather large (i.e. massive) earthquakes in the Tohoku region of Japan. I've spent most of yesterday and this morning checking on friends & clients and trying to get some decent information. As usual, the media... Continue Reading →

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