So four days, numerous emails and phone calls later, I finally heard from my ex-hubby. He’s alive and well and somewhere far from home. Oh and he’s Japanese – just in case you forgot. He drives long-distance buses the length and breadth of Japan and I had all sorts of bad feelings when I first heard of the earthquake. Him having a dead battery on his mobile phone and no internet access did nothing to alleviate my anxiety.

I came home to an email from him today, sent from his recently charged mobile phone,

“I thought you might be wondering how I was…” it began. If it was any other situation I would have laughed, but as it was, I was just relieved.

“I was in Fukushima at the time of the first quake. Then I was on my way to Fukui prefecture and while passing through Nagano I got caught in the quake they had there. I thought the bus was going to tip over, it shook that much.”

So I immediately sent a text to my mum and sister as they’d been equally worried about him.

“You might want to call your sister, she’s not well,” came the reply from my mum.

Thinking it was a cold/flu/stress-related thing that she normally had, I sent my sister a text and asked her what was wrong.

“Had blood test, ct san, all neg. I have slurred speech, can’t write, coordination probs on left-hand-side.”


And WTF?

Turns out she can’t write and so can’t work. She is bumping into things and has lost her sense of balance. She is having trouble brushing her hair, holding a knife and fork, doing all the stuff that normal people are supposed to be able to do. She went to sleep normal on Saturday night and woke up Sunday broken.

My mum is looking after her kids while she stays with my grandmother. Since they’ve just about ruled out tumors with the CT scan (yes, you must say, ‘It’s not a tumor!’ in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression) now they’re giving her an MRI and testing for MULTIPLE FUCKING SCLEROSIS.

Does anyone know if it’s genetic? Because if it is, I’m so going to order those ten inch nails for the voodoo doll of my father.

Not happy Jan. Not happy.

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  1. It does sound like a stroke but they would have spotted the clot in the scan. MS has some link to genetics, certainly the susceptibility to autoimmune disorders has been linked to genetics. But there is a lot of mainstream and alternative treatments available now that do wonders. Certainly there is much more hope than before for a long productive life. Hang in there. I hope it’s nothing as serious as MS and that your sister feels better.

  2. Hi, I’m one of those annoymous readers, but I am studying medicine. It sounds like a stroke. Not all strokes are immediately seen on scans. Especially if they are considered to be an ischemic stroke. If this is the case, the clot can be found somewhere else within the body and travel to the brain. It all depends on where they did the scans. (ie brain, chest, just the legs). Its kind of like how a clot in the leg can casue a heart attack. A clot in your body that brings blood to the brain can lead to a minor stroke… Try looking into that.

  3. Good news re: ex.

    But OMG re: your sister. 😦

    I sure hope she’s going to be ok. Stroke or MS, they are both sucky things to have.

    I will keep my fingers crossed your sister gets well soon and can get back to being healthy again. Bad health sucks big time.

  4. sorry to hear about your sister kitten, have they checked her for stroke? most of those symptoms are stroke related too. i hope all goes well for her and am happy your ex is safe in Japan

  5. Amen to all the above!
    Great that your ex’s welfare is important to you, and that he has survived the terrible chaos.
    But if it looks like a stroke and sounds like a stroke, then it most likely is. Be thankful that these days the medical profession can minimise the damage if recognised early. A TIA can be an early warning sign. Hang in there, gal.

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