Good to see god has a sense of humour

In my inbox today:

Mail from the Multiple Sclerosis Society inquiring whether I’d like to part with $100 for a good cause.

How ironic.

Thanks for all the comments about my sister. The reasons I’m so concerned about her are:

(a) My father’s brother had MS and lived his life in a wheelchair in a high-care facility

(b) My sister is 37

(c) She is a single mum with two kids with special needs and a psycho ex-husband

(d) She’s my sister and I love her dearly

I think those are sufficient reasons, don’t you?

I’ve spent my last two days at work lugging furniture and crap from one side of the office to the other and getting slightly high from carpet glue fumes. Unfortunately, the fumes weren’t strong enough to make me happy about lugging furniture and crap around the place.

In between the lugging I’ve been talking with clients in Japan and finding out bits and pieces about the situation there and in between the lugging and the talking I’ve been covering for the chick who usually does the export shipping documents as she has a bun in the oven and didn’t want to be anywhere near glue fumes.

In between the lugging, talking and covering I’ve been worrying about my sister. Fortunately or unfortunately I’ve been too busy to dwell in those nasty little ‘what if?‘ corners of my mind.

She has been put on aspirin in case there are clots that didn’t show up on the CT and she is spending her days trying to learn how to write again. What really makes me angry though, is that there is a FOUR-FUCKING-MONTH wait to get an appointment to see a neurologist – and that is with private health care cover. I’d hate to see what the wait is without it…. It kind of does make me want to suck it up and find the $240 a month in the budget for private health cover for M and me though…

M had a lovely roast pork dinner waiting for me when I finally got home at 7:30pm tonight. He usually has a lovely dinner of something waiting for me every night and I feel totally spoiled.

One thought on “Good to see god has a sense of humour

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  1. sending positive thoughts your Sisters way.

    i think the wait is just as long here also, terrible to think one has to wait at all.

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