A Friday I won’t forget

My sister has a brain tumour.

It has its own blood supply, it’s on her left cerebrum and it’s in a hard to get at place.

I don’t even know if I want to be talking about this shit on here. I don’t even know what I feel except completely over-whelmed…

I found out on Friday when I was at work and I held it together during the day. Fortunately, there was enough inane stuff to keep me occupied and it wasn’t until I was on the bus coming home and I was alone with my thoughts that it all came crashing down. I totally lost it on the bus and arrived home a sobbing, snotty-nosed mess.

Then I spoke to her on the phone and I was trying to sound funny and matter-of-fact while we discussed what the doctor had said and what is going to happen now. But then I said I loved her and I lost it again.

She was actually holding it together much, much better than me. She’s actually more concerned about her ex finding out and him causing problems with the kids than her own health at the moment.

I’ve had a few stiff drinks over the past couple of days and I even cracked the seal on the bottle of Japanese plum liquor I bought back last year and was saving for something…I don’t know what though.

She’s going back to work on Monday because she doesn’t want to be sitting around the house with her thoughts and because she’s able to function at a reasonably normal level. She’ll be seeing a specialist and talking about attack plans soon. Until then, we don’t really know much more than what I’ve said.

Not yielding to the rain


18 thoughts on “A Friday I won’t forget

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  1. I’m so sorry about your sister. I have everything crossed that something can be done. Huuuuuuugs for you and her.

  2. I too am so sorry to hear about your sister, and am sending all my very best wishes and hoping that the specialist do what they are best at.

  3. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. I would be a completely useless mass of depression. I sincerely hope that a desirable solution is found for her and that she is treated with absolute success.

  4. Amen to all the above, kitten. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Cancer is a tough foe, and in a close family member. Ouch!
    You’ve endured some major life changes already.
    This will test you in many ways, but hang in there.
    You’ll find strength and allies that you didn’t know about.
    Modern cancer treatments are amazing.
    Distant hugs.

  5. So sorry to hear that kitten, our thoughts are with you and your family and we are sending positive energy and kharma to you and your sister xxx Ms Blair and slaveydave

  6. sending positive and healing thoughts her way and sending big hugz to you.

    i really hope everything goes ok, im here if you need an ear…

  7. I read on M’s blog today that it may not be a tumour – how frightening not to know what has to be dealt with. I hope you know soon; I hope it’s less rather than more scary than cancer and I hope it’s treatable. All the very very best to you all in this appalling time.

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