There are lots of things I do that I don’t understand. Things like:

  • Why I must only use three sheets of toilet paper when wiping my peachy ass.
  • Why I actively seek jobs dealing with people when dealing with people makes me want to slash my wrists on a regular basis.
  • Why neighbours must use power tools at ungodly hours on Sunday mornings.
  • Why I can only poo regularly when I’m running – four days in a row now of regular bowel movements, thank you very much!
  • Why two out of four of the things above deal with toilet habits – am I that hard up for topics to blog about?

I had a horrendous week at work. On Tuesday afternoon, I was so over it that I contemplated just not turning up for the rest of the week. By Friday afternoon, I just ended up laughing in a kind of slightly hysterical way when I was informed that there was yet another fuck up that I had to deal with. I’m starting to get a real feeling of dread whenever I hear the phone start ringing. I start sending vibes out to the universe with the first brrrrriiing, ‘Please don’t let it be for me, oh-please-dear-god, don’t let it be for me!’

I’ve only been at this job for three months and today is officially the end of my three-months-probation. I don’t know if I can hack it. I think I should have stuck at my sucky previous job and got a second job somewhere to make ends meet. At least my stress levels would have been lower.

Actually all this stress has made me want to retreat into my shell away from people and the world. I’ve been playing a lot of WoW and just enjoying the mindlessness of it all. I even made a worgen last night and spent two hours levelling her up while sitting next to M on the couch. Secretly, I’m trying to entice M into playing WoW with me. It’s one thing I’ve never been able to do all this time, but I’d just love to romp through the woods with him. He has seen me doing raids and bgs on my main and alts and the busy-ness of the screen has turned him off. I’m trying to make him see that it starts out very simply and you can make it as complex or as easy as you like. It’s a bit of a lost cause though and so I continue to spend my days romping through the forest alone.

Speaking of WoW, I was in the middle of a boss fight yesterday morning when M came up behind me and screwed my collar on. I called no-fair-play as he knows that is the one time that I am totally defenceless and he can do what he wants. I don’t get his idea of me wearing the collar on the weekends. It’s stoopid, annoying and totally meaningless. The only thing it gives me is a neck ache and it messes with my sleeping. But hey, whatever floats his boat.

In other news, the running twat has returned! Yes, people, I started my half-marathon training course in anticipation of doing the half-marathon in the City2Surf in August. Unfortunately, after taking three months off from running, my fitness has gone to total shite and I’ll need to spend a bit of time just getting back to where I was before. There is a 10km charity race next month that I am considering doing as an interim goal, but I’ll see how I go. So I’ll be doing some more entries in the running twat section of this blog over the coming weeks for my massive fan base of two people who were kind enough to read about my running exploits before.

I’ve been continuing to keep up with the unfolding story of post-earthquake and tsunami Japan. It’s just heart-achingly sad to read the stories and see the pics. I’ll probably do a couple of uberly depressing posts here just so I can get the stories off my mind and chest. Sad, sad stuff. I got all nostalgic yesterday and started listening to classic Japanese songs and made a playlist on youtube of my favourites. They all take me back to time that was happier and when things were easier.

I’m still wrestling with the idea of driving. M has started playing driving games with me whenever we go somewhere together. He’s trying to impart to me his defensive driving techniques learned from several advanced driving courses he has taken over the years. Me, I’m full of confidence that I’ll be okay as long as I can get started. It’s a huge, huge wall for me at the moment, although every time I’m stuck at the bus stop waiting 30 minutes for the next bus, the wall starts being chipped away. I’m hoping that eventually I’ll get so pissed with public transport or so fearful of my life now that the days are shorter and I’m catching buses in the dark, that I’ll take the plunge and make the call to that driving school I found online.

Bring on the easter holidays. I’m so totally ready for that five-day-weekend.

(Oh and that three sheets of toilet paper thing. I dunno, three sheets just somehow seems right. If I make a mistake and take four sheets, I put one back for next time.

Feel free to laugh at me…I know I certainly do.)


6 thoughts on “Huh?

Add yours

    1. Thank you.

      My logic is that the area you wipe is at most the size of your thumb. Why do you need more than a foot of paper to wipe it?

  1. I know everything you’re going through is horribly difficult. We recently went through a breast cancer battle with a close family member. Just try to think positive thoughts or do as my sister did and keep yourself so busy, you don’t have time to focus on it. The lack of control over someone else’s well being is frustrating.

    As for the job. I spent years working in customer service oriented employment despite the fact that I have real issues believing that the customer is always right. Why? It’s what I knew. It was something I could go in to and fake my way through, no matter how busy, because I am afraid to try something else I’m unsure of.

    Toilet paper? We’re creatures of habit. I have to read when I’m in there and if I have nothing to read, I can’t go. LOL!

    1. Unless I’m plaguing during which I have been known to use 10 sheets or more in multiple wipes, 3 sheets definitely does the job for me 🙂

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