Why I think I’d be good in a cult

Tonight I watched part 2 of the series, Meet the Amish and once again I thought that I’d be fantastic in a cult.

Meet the Amish follows five Amish folk on their “Rumspringa” – their chance to experience the outside world before being baptised into the Amish religion from whence there is no return. They’ve sent them to England to stay with several different families and experience different things.

I think my first ‘encounter’ with the Amish was in that Harrison Ford classic Witness. I just loved, loved, loved it and have watched it a bazillion times. The whole idea of a society with very strict rules and beliefs speaks to me. There’s something very comforting about knowing your place and what is expected of you, all except for that fanatical belief in god bit (I just can’t stomach the fact that apparently we’re all going to hell because we have zippers on our clothing.)

Actually, I’ve always been very interested in cults. The idea that people can get so swept up in something that may not even be logical is so romantic and so attractive for me. I don’t know why exactly. That order and sense of peace just seems….nice.

I think that’s why the ‘cult’ of M/s was so attractive for me. It set very definite rules and gave me a very defined place in the world – a box to live in so to speak. I like that simple state of existence. I like the idea of being centred on one thing and one thing only. You have to believe in it though, and without that belief it’s just a bunch of quirky stuff that really does look weird from the outside.


2 thoughts on “Why I think I’d be good in a cult

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  1. Ha! The Mormons almost got me once with their views on the wife’s submission to her husband but I just couldn’t choke down their god 😛 I so feel ya, I think I’d make a great addition to a cult…should we just start our own?

  2. I’ve never been particularly attracted to cults, although, when I was a kid I was interested in the Amish, but that’s because I was really into anything 19th century and they do pretty much live in that sort of technological world.

    I’ve never been someone who believe in all males being dominant over all females so I’ve never really managed to fall into something like Mormonism or most religious things. I do, however, see a difference between cults and religion (and count Amish and Mormons as being slightly more on the religious side – to me the fact that the Amish even have the Rumspring is pretty much why they can’t be a cult since they allow people an out).

    I also strongly believe that most people are looking for a box where they belong, even if they claim to reject boxes. Otherwise you wouldn’t have religion, political groups, social groups, etc. Maybe there are certain types of boxes that fit some people better, though.

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