I <3 Japan

So far I` ve had a pair of glasses made; bought 63 items at the 100 yen shop; bought cds, dvds, and make-up; eaten sushi & melon bread (of course!); had a long conversation while drunk with my ex husband; had an obento; worked out how to use my iphone; eaten a salt & lemon chicken burger meal at McDonalds; drunk a bottle of wine; vomitted (see previous point) and it`s only my second day here!

Mmmm Japan….it`s a pity that the fun will stop when my apology fest begins and I attend the first of my 17 meetings on Monday.


2 thoughts on “I <3 Japan

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  1. Sweetie,

    drunk, vomit, things you haven’t mentioned to me before and l am disappointed in your behaviour unless of course you say that it was the karaoke that made you do it


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