Not sure if you remember me, but I used to blog here.


That person.

Anyway, the reason I haven’t been here is due to nothing more than the simple fact that I’ve been on an unconscious drive to whittle things out of my life that are extraneous and don’t result in me (a) earning money or (b) getting epics lewts.

And yes, that was a mother of a sentence.

A few months back I stopped reading. Then I stopped listening to music. Then I stopped blogging. Gradually I’ve been cutting back everything that was ‘extra’ in my life and just focussing on the task of going to work and getting through the day.

I thought that maybe when I got used to my job, I’d fall into some sort of rhythm and my job would stop being the thing that my life revolved around, but it hasn’t. It’s been six months now and I face every workday with a dread I haven’t felt for quite some time.

And I so knew that this would happen. I really should listen to my gut feelings more and I really, really should ask more questions during job interviews. Questions like, “How many aggro calls from aggro customers will I have to field in one day?”, “How many hours of unpaid overtime will I be required to work in a week?”, “How much slack will I be required to pick up for other people who either don’t rock up for work at all, or spend their entire workday texting?” and of course, the most vitally important, crucial question that absotively posilutely must be asked,

“Have you guys ever held a chook raffle?”

(unfortunately, you may need to be Australian to appreciate that one…)

I don’t just want to write blogs that bitch about my work because I spend enough time in my head already doing that and so I’m left with a dilemma….what to blog about?

I could blog about the fact that when I purchased a new packet of panty liners the other day, they had bits of trivia printed on the wrapper… and btw, did you know that Fred and Wilma Flintstone were the first married couple to be shown in bed together in prime time tv or that brontology is the study of thunder?

Or I could blog about the fact that I finally took the ipod touch that I bought back before Christmas time out of its box and discovered how awesome it is….I can send email and make video phone calls on my ipod people!!!

(yes, I know I’ve been living under a rock.)

Or I could blog about the fact that I sent 14kgs of stuff home that I bought in Japan and the only food items we have left are some curry roux and seaweed.

But then I think, “Yeah, I could write about it and then what?”

And so I don’t.

And the days go by, and the weeks go by and the months go by. And it just doesn’t really matter.

And it’s winter and that totally depresses me enough as it is. There is something fundamentally wrong about having to wake up before the sun rises.

I suppose I should think about what I’m doing with my blog, but you know what? I’m just tired of thinking.

More than anything, I hate to read blogs where people do nothing but whine, so I figure I’m doing the community a service by not writing yet another blog that whines.

So on that whiney note, I’ll shut up now.

From that person who used to blog here.


7 thoughts on “Extraneous

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  1. sounds like someone needs a new job. and to get back to things that make her…well, HER.

    you have been missed

  2. I’ll second that! You have been greatly missed. I love your style of writing, whether it’s whining, discussing, describing or exulting!

    When you feel ready to resume sharing your life with us, we’ll be here for you.


  3. I have missed your blog too and wondered how you are getting on, Sounds like a real case of winter blues have hit you on top of everything else, it would be good to have you back when you are ready, You are one of the reasons why I started

  4. I thought you were still in Japan and decided to stay. I enjoyed reading you blogs and maybe you will find the time to write again.

  5. I too have enjoyed every one of your posts kinky, whiny or not. So, whine away. You need a release somewhere other than WoW right? C’mon, you know you wanna. Tell us about your recent trip to Japan. Blog about the person who spends all day texting and maybe we can help you figure out a way to torture them. Blog about the food you eat, WoW, or whatever.

  6. Look out, that rut your in is only going to get deeper the longer your in it. Give the wheel a good sharp turn and get your life back.

    I wish you well.

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