The return of the PUMAS!!

You know what I love? Well, other than fish so fresh it’s still moving when I eat it, people who try to make their work sound equally as sucky as mine is.

There’s a guy who totally cracks me up at work because he’s hell-bent on trying to make it seem like he actually does something. I know for a fact he does very little other than surf the net and play with his ipad, but on the rare occasions that he actually does something, he turns into a drama queen.

Today he came over to my desk, with his hands on his hips and indignation all over his face, ready to tell me about his latest work woe,

“I tried to download the application form and I couldn’t! And then, get this, I had to call the place and get them to send me one!!!”

O.M.G. I could barely restrain myself from consoling the poor guy.

Except… I was too busy re-routing 53 cargo containers leaving from 3 different ports and going to 8 different ports in 3 different countries, while fielding calls from aggro customers, writing apology letters, trying to get the totally fucked computer system to do what I wanted it to do, answering the phones (because the reception chick had gone out to buy a muffin or go shopping or do whatever the hell she does when she goes awol) and generally just melting into a little soggy pool of stress.


I sure there’s something wrong when a guy gets paid much more than me for doing much less than me, but I just can’t manage to put my finger on it.

But no-one ever said that life was fair did they? My whole problem is that I just give a damn about things way too much. I’ve really got to learn to stop giving a shit and just do my job in a really half-assed manner like you’re supposed to do.

I’ve got another week of pineapples up my ass sideways a.k.a pumas, and then the logistics guy comes back. I’m thinking seriously of just not turning up for work next time he has holidays.But nah, there’s some part of me that would never allow myself not to turn up. I hate my anal tendencies….

So anyway, I spent my Friday night playing angry birds on my ipod with M. He really got into the swing, or should I say catapault of things, and was flying through the levels. I’m a big fan of those non-thinking kind of games like bejeweled, zuma, and my new favourites, angry birds and fruit ninja.

Remind me to tell you next time about that fabulous moving fish I ate in Japan.


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  1. It’s been quite a time now since you ended your period of slavery. Do you ever miss it? How has ended it changed your life? Might you ever go back?

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