Where to begin…or is that end?

Let’s see… what have I been up to?

Well, I went home for a week for my mother’s surprise 60th birthday party (it was colder than cold), got the flu and took several days off work sick (coughed my lungs up), almost broke my rice cooker (total crisis moment), built my 90th floor on tiny tower (no cheating involved), wore boots for the first time in months (nearly fell ass-over-tits), rediscovered Legend of the Seeker on youtube (I’m lusting after Richard), cried because Eddie Izzard is coming to Perth and I won’t be able to go see him (I’ll be in Japan), got a pay raise and a bonus(not nearly enough), watched so much porn I’m over it (not even Public Disgrace is doing it for me anymore), got my flaming hippogryph from the Firelands dailies (I have no idea now what I’m supposed to do now until 4.3), almost wrote 35 blog posts (well, thought about writing 35 blog posts, but never actually put hands to keyboard), peed myself watching failblog videos (apparently it’s true what they say about 1 in 3 women over the age of 30 being unable to be 100% in control of their bladder), lost my mobile phone (there’s a good reason why you should back-up your contacts somewhere safe but I was too stupid to realise it), became very disillusioned by Season 4 of True Blood (I’m sorry, but it’s crappy and not even Eric’s buff bod is saving things) and that’s about it.

Holy never-ending paragraph Batman!

I’m sure there was more stuff that I did, but that’s my last couple of months in a nutshell.

See, there’s no need for me to blog any more than once every 2-3 months! I can sum it all up in one paragraph, people!

Work-wise I’ll be heading back to Japan in late November for a week to ten days. I’ll try and swing a few days of leave so I can have a few days to myself, and stock up on all the essentials. I’ll definitely be trying to go to an onsen (hot spring) this time as it will be cooler and I’m dying for one. I’ll just have to remember to take the tattoo covering.

Slavery-wise I don’t miss my collar or any of the angst associated with it. Actually it almost feels that was a totally different ‘me’ and now I’m someone else. I can’t imagine going back there and don’t think I ever will. M and I joke all the time about stuff. He’s going to send me to the ‘slave farm’ to get me ‘back on track’ and I’m going to ‘worp-a-ship’ his ‘authoratay’.

I went all danshari last weekend and went through my clothes, getting rid of everything I don’t wear anymore and I came across the piles of latex and leather stuff that made up my slave wardrobe. I don’t even know what to do with that stuff, so I just arranged it back into a nicer pile and put it back. I suppose it’s not actually ‘mine’ and M may want to give it to a future willing subject at some stage.

To be honest, I have had a few thoughts about how nice/interesting/entertaining it might be to have someone to torture and torment. Not saying that I’m going all dommely or anything, but just thinking about how it might be interesting to see the other side of the fence. Speaking from experience though, I know slaves are a whiney bunch and you can’t ever do anything right for them. I suppose the anal bitch in me wants to prove that it can be done right though. I think I’d be uberly harsh – maybe too harsh. Can former slaves make good dommes?

I remember before saying that I’d never be able to switch. And that is true. I’d never be able to do both roles at the same time. I’m one or the other. I have to totally reject one before I can take on the other. So from that standpoint, now is the perfect time for me to get all Mistress-y on someone’s ass. Girl or boy? Mmm…girl I think.

Any volunteers?

Mwah ha ha *insert evil & dastardly grin here*


3 thoughts on “Where to begin…or is that end?

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  1. *perks up* domme you say??? I’d totally believe it 😛 you know they say that the best dom/mes are often those who have submitted once before as they understand both sides of the collar. You’d have a special insight into whom ever you decided to do evil and dastardly things to hehehe

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