What’s in a name?

Apparently a lot.

As I mentioned before, it’s been disturbing how easily m has taken to calling me Mistress. Mistress this and Mistress that…I even get a Good morning Mistress, every morning. And on his blog, before I’d even decided on a name, he was calling me Mistress Kitten.

I started out my foray in d/s as subkitten. That was my nick on alt and at the time, I was stunned that it hadn’t been taken already. I guess it’s just an indication of how there used to be very few people ‘into’ d/s before it became cool and goth. On collarme, I was kitty in japan (because at the time I was…lol).

Then when I made my first blog on livejournal, I became subtle. It was a bit of a personal joke, because I knew that there is nothing ‘subtle’ about me, but somehow, calling myself  in your face, just didn’t have the same ring to it. For some reason, when I made my blog, I didn’t want the word ‘slave’ in the title. Although my catch phrase was ‘…a subtle slavegirl’, something stopped me from actually putting the word ‘slave’ anywhere on it. Maybe deep inside I was not wanting to brand myself with the title ‘slave’.

So now I’m Mistress Subtle.

You may call me Mistress 😉

I haven’t decided on an official name for my boy yet. I usually alternate between petmy greedy little slut boy and love crumpet. We’ve both decided that we think boi sounds a bit gay, so we’ll be staying away from that…until I get him a maid’s outfit.

Speaking of brands and names,  remember that thing I have tattooed on my ass? That thing that says, ‘slave’?

Yeah. That thing.

I’m actually okay with it. I think of it more as art than anything else and I suppose if I really wanted to stretch things, I could say that I’m a ‘slave to love’ *snickers*

Actually I’d be more inclined to tell anyone clueless that asked, “It means, ‘epic'”. Because, well, I totally am epic…lol.

Last weekend I changed my status on Fetlife to ‘Mistress’ (I was playing with the idea of ‘top’ or ‘dominant’ or something else, but settled on Mistress because I figure I can call myself whatever I want at the end of the day…) and I had m change his to ‘sub’ for the time being. He still has a lot of questionable pics of me on his profile that I’ll have to ask him to make private. I’ve already deleted all my questionable pics over there and I need to take some new ones – some pics depicting our current situation. I do think the video that m has on his profile of him kissing my ass is totally appropriate though, so it will be staying there for the foreseeable future.


8 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

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  1. Maybe you have answered your own question in relation to your name on your profile and in life generally – have just done a search on fetlife and neither “Mistress Epic” nor “Ms Epic” are taken or perhaps even just “Epic”. Let’s face it sweetie – it’s been an Epic journey you have both been on and I think it would be a very fitting title for you. Have also been wondering about a name change for you isince you posted about the power exchange that has taken place. Have been wondering what you might choose. to call yourself and perhaps a fitting explanatory footnote would be that you are “Epic by name and Epic by nature” xxx Ms B

  2. sorry that should have been one “i” in Emporium – my blog typings is black on black so not easy to spell-check ;-P

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