Bigger than Ben Hur

Well, this week brought a cancelling of the trip to Japan next month and some eat, pray, loving. The trip has been cancelled due to too much rain on the particular thing I export and therefore having nothing to export anymore. Being the work-centred person I am, the first things through my mind when I... Continue Reading →


Collar on, collar off

In a nutshell, my week was busy and I had several late nights (11pm-ish) home due to wining and dining visitors from Japan. I've also been trying to prepare for my next onslaught of visitors on Monday and plan my business trip to Japan early next month (a.k.a angsting ridiculously about hotels). M scored himself... Continue Reading →

Thought for the day

So yeah, I have a problem asking people to do things for me. I've been that way ever since I can remember. Some people would call it my martyrdom fetish - I'll try to do everything myself and then bitch about how 'no-one helps me'. I do it at work. I do it at home.... Continue Reading →

I have a question…

...was it my bad for not telling him specifically not to put the collar(s) on and leaving him to his own devices? (see the previous post if you're confused) See, I think this is possibly where the cause of quite a few of our disconnects lays... I have a tendency to think that he will... Continue Reading →

Yo momma is a zombie

Contrary to what some may think, I don't require my insignificant other to clean, cook or wipe my ass. While I certainly would hope that he feel the gentle push of motivation towards helping me out as far as domestic duties go, beingĀ 50% of a modern-day relationship and all, I don't expect it, nor do... Continue Reading →

Collar me emo

I've been all over the place this last week or so, flitting from one thing to another and it's been really hard to sit down and grab those thoughts floating around in my brain and force them into some sort of a blog post. I can see why twitter is so appealing. I'd imagine it... Continue Reading →

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