Yo momma is a zombie

Contrary to what some may think, I don’t require my insignificant other to clean, cook or wipe my ass.

While I certainly would hope that he feel the gentle push of motivation towards helping me out as far as domestic duties go, being 50% of a modern-day relationship and all, I don’t expect it, nor do I impose it.

That’s just how I roll.

I don’t need a doormat (has no thoughts of his own).

Or a zombie (eats people and generally repeats the same few things over and over again).

Or a twihard (sparkles and tries to look a bit goth).

And just for the record, I’m not really into orgasm control, foot worshipping or anything to do with bodily fluids.

That’s also how I roll.

But, hey, aren’t I the one supposed to be making all the decisions?

Oh, that’s right. I am making the decisions.

I actually am.


12 thoughts on “Yo momma is a zombie

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  1. *catches breath*

    I think my previous post says it all…

    But out of respect I have one thing to ask… A simple request… About your sub…

    Can you please take a stick to him and teach him to write like you? you know? sentences, structure and stuff?

    Typed with a grin on my face, but… yanno… kind of serious…


    1. She’s stating her feelings in response to comments about her use of her sub, how is that snarky?

      Considering some of the tantrums that I’ve seen from others, I thought it was simple, direct to the point and had some humor to it.

      I think your still back in the days you got to torture her 🙂 which I thought was a strange choice of words… isn’t the correct term “play” these days?

      The fact of the matter is her blog, her relationship, her final word; and as kiss ass as even I find this comment… it’s simple fact.

      1. still sounded snarky to me.

        anyways i prefer torture instead pf play, play makes it sound so child like and in the play ground kinda thing ya know and yeah im not as *pc* as some.

        for once i agree with you, her blog, her relationship, her everything but still open to comment all the same 🙂

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