Collar on, collar off

In a nutshell, my week was busy and I had several late nights (11pm-ish) home due to wining and dining visitors from Japan. I’ve also been trying to prepare for my next onslaught of visitors on Monday and plan my business trip to Japan early next month (a.k.a angsting ridiculously about hotels).

M scored himself a four-week contract role that he started on Tuesday so he was pretty tired from being back in the workforce and his shoulder has been really hurting so I’m hesitant to tie him up in uncomfortable positions.

Ipso factor, no spanky-spanky with my love crumpet and therefore no bloggy blog.

We just sound like two boring old farts, don’t we?

I’ve been taking his collar off every morning before he goes to work and putting it back on when I get home. I was wondering how being back in the ‘real world’ would be for him, but he seems to not be very fazed by the slave-with-a-job situation. I don’t know whether things would change if he found permanent employment, but at the moment, the only thing I’ve noticed is he is less needy.

That’s the thing about being a stay at home slave…you spend a whole lot of time thinking about being played with, getting yourself worked up into a feverish ball of need and then when the master comes home and they just want to flop on the couch after a busy day, it’s pretty crushing. From that perspective, it’s much better to have something (a.k.a a job) to get your mind out of that dangerous PLAYWITHMEE!!!! area.

On the other hand, I also said that I couldn’t be a twue slave if I was employed and as busy as I am now. But maybe I’m looking at two opposite ends of the spectrum…maybe you just need something to keep you occupied for 2-3 days a week and allows you to be a slave as well. It all comes back to that thing called balance, doesn’t it?

Or maybe, just maybe, I just wasn’t supposed to be a slave at all and I’m just making desperate excuses as to why I failed??

Yeah, I’m pretty good at that excuse stuff.

In the dommely one area, I’ve been working on my dangerous tone of voice. M has been prodding and poking at the boundaries and while that is all good and fine when everyone’s laughing, I’d like him to realise when he has stepped over the line. Maybe I just need to permanently have a crop in my hand and use it liberally or something. And I don’t mean that he’s being naughty per se, just that there are a lot of old habits that I need to break – like him calling me ‘bitch’. Which he, of course, does to get a reaction out of me and would be fine if he added a Mistress before the bitch bomb.

Other old habits I’m working on breaking are his propensity to not answer my questions and just say something else unrelated and his ridiculously annoying habit of phrasing requests with a haven’t you done/got/brought me xxx yet? nuance.

He’ll be doing something and need something and instead of asking, ‘Can you bring me so and so please Mistress?’ he will say, ‘Have you got so and so?’ as though he has asked me before and I have failed to bring it so he is reminding me. It’s absolutely infuriating and has pushed my buttons every single time he has done it in the last six years. Even writing about it pushes my buttons! Lol.

Yes, I think liberal and extensive use of the crop is definitely called for.




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