Olympic this

We sat up until about 1am this morning watching the Olympics. I think the reason we stayed up so late was that the psychedelic purple and pink backgrounds in the venues were sending our brains into some sort of seizures - whoever thought that was an easy-on-the-eye colour combination was obviously gay (because we all... Continue Reading →


Praise be to me

For the last three and a half months I've been running five times a week. That's 70 runs. That's 70 times I've had to haul my ass out of my chair, get changed and head out into the wild where birds try to attack me and I have to dodge cars, dogs and dead bodies... Continue Reading →

Agony aunt

It seems many people who come to my blog, come to gain answers to the burning questions they have inside. Burning questions such as, "How does one talk dirty to a masochist?" In answer to this, might I humbly suggest such things as, I want you to wear my ring...and I don't mean on your... Continue Reading →

*Insert whine here*

Well my two weeks in purgatory are finally over. On Monday the logistics guy comes back and I get to go back to my normal job of having Japanese people whine at me and coming up with new ways to sound apologetic. It's been a really, really stressful two weeks. I had a twitch in... Continue Reading →

How tiny is ‘tiny’?

I saw an article last week about NY's Mayor Bloomberg starting a competition to develop 30-square-metre apartments in New York city. Great!, I thought. Affordable housing for people who don't need much space! And then I had a little giggle about the cries of, "Thirty square metres??!?? Is that fit for human habitation??" (and the... Continue Reading →

50% + 50% doesn’t make 100%

I can't remember where it was now, some chicknet* page that was promising relationship advice to the emotionally crippled or somewhere like that, but anyway there was a wizened woman spouting her advice about how to get a relationship that worked year after year. You've both got to give it 100%. Give it your all.... Continue Reading →

Well fuck me…

From The Running Twat... Last Sunday I had a perfect run. You might scoff and say, 'Perfect? Surely not!' but I did (click to read more...)

Blogging is cheap therapy

I have to say that I do enjoy writing here on my blog again. There's something very cathartic about it - as long as I stop thinking about what I'm writing...lol. There was a time not so long ago when I felt a very real pressure to write a particular 'type' of blog and that... Continue Reading →

Mr Grey

So, I think it's time I touched on that hottest of topics, Fifty shades of Grey and I shall hereforewith refer to it as Fitsog because the title is too damn long and boring (and by the way, am I the only one who finds the use of the name Grey for the protagonist annoying... Continue Reading →

When is it okay to let go?

Several months back I mentioned that my ex-husband was going to become a father. I was a bit angsty about it then and when my ex actually sent me the news that they'd had a boy and a picture along with my birthday message on the day of my birthday (not the best timing, I... Continue Reading →

Up in the air with my backpack

Hands up if you've seen the movie, "Up in the Air". If you don't have your hand up now, you should immediately go here because (a) you won't get what I'm talking about and (b) it's a fantastic movie so if you haven't seen it by now you are even more spethial than I am... Continue Reading →

Want. Now.

These scratch my geek itch something fierce. Death Star ice cube maker... Lightsaber chopsticks And if Alien is more your thing: Oh Japan, how I ❤ thee. Get your fill of all things Japanese geek at Kotobukiya


Looking at my blog, the last time I was here was February. Wow...I have no idea where March, April or May went...has anyone seen them laying around the place somewhere? I just had the.most.relaxing four-day weekend. At first, I thought it was a waste just to have four days at home and I was thinking... Continue Reading →

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