50% + 50% doesn’t make 100%

I can’t remember where it was now, some chicknet* page that was promising relationship advice to the emotionally crippled or somewhere like that, but anyway there was a wizened woman spouting her advice about how to get a relationship that worked year after year.

You’ve both got to give it 100%. Give it your all. Just giving 50/50 doesn’t get you 100%.

And I had that long thought that only the math-challenged among us can have – that of how can 50+50 not equal 100. Ideas anyone?

(All I’m hearing it crickets so I’m feeling a small amount of comfort in not being the only math-challenged one on the innernets.)

And after pondering it a while longer I realised that because there are two of you, you’ve got to divide it by two to see what each of you get. 50+50 divided by 2 is 50.

Half. You only get half a relationship when each of you only put half in.


Both of you have to put in 100% all the time. That way, you both get 100% out of it.

Food for thought methinks. Have you been putting your 100% in?

* Chicknet is like a chickflick -webpages full of drivel but we still love to while away the hours entertaining ourselves with it.

I just had to make a meme for this photo – it’s made me laugh ever since I snapped it. And just as an update- his washing skills haven’t improved.

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