*Insert whine here*

Well my two weeks in purgatory are finally over. On Monday the logistics guy comes back and I get to go back to my normal job of having Japanese people whine at me and coming up with new ways to sound apologetic.

It’s been a really, really stressful two weeks. I had a twitch in the corner of my right eye and although this may be TMI, my period unexpectedly came back and said, “Hi!”


I’m not good with stress generally and I’m particularly not good in a ‘driving seat’ position where everyone comes to me for answers and expects me to sort all the shit out. I don’t have a very ‘logistic-style’ brain so I find coordinating stuff difficult and it’s made even worse by my general inability to be decisive. You just can’t dither when everything is time-sensitive and I enjoy a good dithering over decisions, just so I can be sure that I’ve considered things from all perspectives and made the best choice. Nine times out of ten if I  rush a decision, I will fuck it up.

Several times this week I was ‘this close’ to losing it, so when my Japanese colleague decided to come and complain to me about how she can’t be expected to do things that are ‘outside’ the scope of her job i.e. I didn’t sign up for this shit!, I had to restrain myself from screaming, “Well how the fuck do you think I feel!!??!!”

As it was, I responded to her with the same bordering-on-a-shouting-match tone that she used with me and as a result she then started to give me the cold-shoulder and avoid me at all costs.

If you have dealings with Japanese people, you will notice that they have a tendency to keep going on and on about the same thing, repeating the same thoughts in slightly different ways until they get the response they want. In Australian culture, it’s not a good thing to keep saying the same stuff over and over again and you’ll generally be met with a comment of ‘Crikey! Give it a rest mate!’

(Well, you would if you were talking to Steve Irwin, except he’s dead, so you won’t hear that from any other self-respecting Australian. Instead, you’ll probably hear something along the lines of, ‘FFS, will you give up on that?!?’)

It’s the same with meetings, Japanese people will hound you with the same things over and over again, extending a meeting for double the necessary time just because it’s their way.

So my colleague had been hounding me for the entire last two weeks about this thing that she felt wasn’t her job and therefore not her responsibility. My response to her had been, “We’ll get together and discuss it when the logistics guy comes back and work out what we will do in the future”, but apparently that wasn’t the response she wanted. So she kept bringing it up and bringing it up and bringing it up.

On Thursday, I’d just about had enough when she moved into caps lock territory,


So I moved into caps lock territory,


All her interactions with me after that were unsmiling, bare minimum, avoid if at all possible, Danger Will Robinson, danger!

I felt like saying, “What the fuck do you want from me? I’m not the logistics guy. I’m not a manager. I was hired so customers could whine at me. I don’t have all the answers. My job originally had nothing to do with your job or the logistic guy’s job. I shouldn’t be doing any of this, but some how it’s all been piled on my plate. I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT!!!”

But I restrained myself and ignored her cold shoulder routine and just kept interacting with her like I usually do.

And because I’m me, I started feeling all guilty about raising my voice to her and so I started thinking about giving her some food out of my Japanese stash, apologising and making peace, but then I thought, why the hell should I have to?

So I didn’t. I’ll just wait until she comes around. The unfortunate thing for her is that she needs me to do shit for her so she is going to have to suck it up and come around at some stage.

It was an interesting day on Thursday because I’d had that shit at work and then I came home and M was in a foul mood. He was cooking something and asked me if what he’d pulled out of the cupboard was cornstarch. About a week ago I’d pulled the package out of my Japanese stash, showed it to him, said ‘This is cornstarch. I’ll put it here in the cupboard so you can find it easily.’

So in response to his question, I said,

“Haven’t we had this discussion before?”

Then he asked me if we had noodles. About a week ago he’d asked me if I had any noodles in my Japanese stash and I said that I only had bean sprout noodles.

So in response to his question, I said,

“Haven’t we had this discussion before?”

And that set him off shouting at me and throwing things across the kitchen. I just ignored him and asked if he’d finished.

It was not what I needed after my day at work.

He apologised a couple of hours later, but it’s times like this that I get really shitty. I don’t ask anything from him. I don’t nag him about getting a job and it’s only rarely that I ask him to do specific things like wash my clothes because I haven’t had time to. I could point out that I work my arse off to make money to pay his mortgage and put food on the table and in return, I don’t specifically ask him to do anything. While there are plenty of things I think he could be doing during the 12 hours I am out of the house everyday, I don’t go all Japanese on him and keep pointing them out, pointing them out and pointing them out.

I’d like to think that he would do them of his own volition, in return for what I do for him. Or is that not how this give and take stuff works?? Do I need to go all Japanese on him?? and by that I don’t mean chopsticks on nipples…

Sorry, sorrier, sorriest

5 thoughts on “*Insert whine here*

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  1. don’t discount the chopsticks on nipples idea tooooo quickly, dear…
    a bit of the ouchies never did a slave any harm, did it now?

  2. p.s. the Japanese cold shoulder is one I always found particularly chilly. One chef I worked with had frosty down to subzero. And boy, did he draaaaaaaaaag it out. pft.

  3. Perhaps you need to give him a ‘to do’ list.
    If not accomplished to your satisfaction then chopsticks on his nipples, and several licks with your cane might wake him up. My slave boy has been told to find a full time job, even flipping burgers, or hit the road.

    Love your blogs. Thanks.

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