The half-marathon that almost wasn’t

Well, I'm sitting here with the post hard run feeling that is a mix of slight nausea and dead tiredness. I should have known that things for my run weren't going to be silky smooth when our next-door neighbour decided to have yet another one of their fantastically loud parties that continue until the early... Continue Reading →


Chilling the fuck out

I've been thinking very seriously for several weeks now about de-cluttering my life. I even went so far as to pull all the books out of my bookcase and split them into sell and keep piles. But that's as far as I went and the piles are still sitting on the floor of my bedroom.... Continue Reading →

Little Miss Crabby

I have a theory: the loudness of someone's voice while talking on a mobile phone in a public place is directly proportional to the inanity of the conversation they are having. Am I right? I always make it a point to put on my best phone-sex-at-work voice i.e. super quiet and breathy, whenever I absolutely... Continue Reading →

My deadline list

I don't have a bucket list - those lists that some people create of things they must do before they die such as 'jump out of a plane' or 'insert something edible into a body cavity' (*tick*). Instead, I have a deadline list which lists certain milestones that I should reach before it's too late.... Continue Reading →

Anal beyond the call of duty

Normally when I start talking about anything anal, I start with pineapples. But in this case, I'm just going to have a normal rant about my overly anal co-worker, because if you thought I was anal, you’ve not met a truly anal person. I’m starting to dread it every time she opens her mouth because my... Continue Reading →

Angsting & ranting

This past week I've been running, enjoying the pain associated with running (and by 'enjoying' I mean coping with) and angsting over hotels in Tokyo. I've got an upcoming business trip to Japan and I'm hoping to stay there for a week after the business stuff is done and stock up on my all-important Japan... Continue Reading →

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