Little Miss Crabby

I have a theory: the loudness of someone’s voice while talking on a mobile phone in a public place is directly proportional to the inanity of the conversation they are having.

Am I right?

I always make it a point to put on my best phone-sex-at-work voice i.e. super quiet and breathy, whenever I absolutely must answer my phone on a bus or train. But 9.9 times out of 10,  I just have it set to ring silently and I wait until I’m off said form of public transport before calling the person back.

Does no-one else think this is the normal and polite way of doing things?

Or maybe I’m just a bit too sensitive, namely because I feel ridiculously self-conscious talking on the phone when I know the 60 or so people within earshot of my conversation are listening intently to every single word I say. So by default, I want to avoid having to talk on my phone like the plague.

But do other people not have this sense of shame?

Do they feel like their stupid little conversations about running out of staples at work are so important that everybody in the immediate vicinity needs to hear it at a really loud volume?

Do they also feel that what they have to say is so important that they actually need to continually call people up on their phone for their entire journey and have stupid little conversations without even waiting for someone to call them?

Or am I just getting crabbier and crabbier in my old age??

Someone tell me the answer!



7 thoughts on “Little Miss Crabby

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  1. I don’t think you are crabbier and crabbier, but perhaps from an era, now disappearing, where privacy mattered. With the advent of cellphones and social media, people seem more than willing, eager, to make their lives public. Their attitude seems to be if you don’t want to hear my conversations, plug up your ears.

    But do we have a double standard? Is a cellphone conversation different from a public blog?
    Have we too been over taken by changing ‘folkways’ with realizing it? To quote/ paraphase the long departed cartoon character Pogo: “We have met the enemy and they is us.”

      1. You made a good point. I guess the only difference I see between a blog and a public phone conversation is that people can choose not to read a blog, whereas you have no choice but to listen to the phone conversation because you can’t escape and you can’t ‘block your ears’ 🙂

  2. lol I totally agree with you! there is just no such thing as shame any more, I think. and how about a sense of decorum and respect for your fellow man? lol i can go on all day. speaking loudly on one’s cell is right up there with “youths” thinking we all want to listen to the songs on their phone/ipod whilst stuck on the bus/train with them.
    i guess you better class me with the crabby lot too 🙂

    1. okay lol, reading that I do get that I don’t display much “shame” in my blog… but people are not “forced” to read it, as they are “forced” to listen to inane conversations or unasked for tunes 🙂 (unless that’s their kink lol)

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