And what did I buy?

I bought a lot of stuff in Japan. Nothing big this time though, like a rice cooker or an electronic dictionary, but lots of little things that somehow ended up making me use all of my money.

My suitcase looked like its usual inside of a supermarket aisle:

(Personally, I think I missed my calling as a professional suitcase packer…)

Amongst the goodies were dried squid, 4kg of rice and single malt whisky for M.

Then there were the three pairs of shoes, including these ones that I snagged for 700 yen (about $8):

I bought a new yukata, obi and almost bought matching zoori sandals (I had to take them back after I failed to manage to insert even 20% of my foot into them) for the princely sum of 5,100 yen (about $60 or 4,200 yen ($45) without the zoori).

I bought a book about danshari by Hideko Yamashita (the original ‘clutter consulatant’), which I’m working my way through now. As soon as I started it, I immediately felt guilty about all the shopping I’d done in Japan and regretted buying all the things from the 100 yen shop. I’ve also decluttered on two separate occasions since beginning reading it (I’ll have to do another blog about danshari philosophy some time). I got this copy from Book Off, which sells used books and publisher’s clearance items. It was 200 yen (about $3.50, but usually sells for 1200 yen).

I bought M a nanoblock hippopotamus. Nanoblocks are Japan’s answer to Lego and they are tiny. The smallest block is 4mm by 4mm. It took me about an hour to put this 130 piece Hippo together (mostly due to the fact that I’m spatially challenged and can’t read diagrams.) He cost 780 yen (about $10).

And the most important things I bought?

Ear buds.

In fact, I purchased 4 different types. I particularly like these ones with the little hook on one end. They feed the ear-cleaning fetish I have something fierce.

Other things I bought included Korean language textbooks (yes, I’m determined to learn Korean next), lots and lots of kitchen gadgets, umeshu (plum liquor), a ridiculously light fold-up umbrella (it weighs less than 250g) and assorted Hello Kitty things.

Coming up next: “What did I eat?”


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