Don’t shit where you eat

I work in an unusual workplace. Not only do I essentially sell grass for a living, the building where my office is located, is funky. I present Exhibit Number One, the toilet cubicle that I use everyday: Not only are there two receptacles for feminine hygiene products in front of the toilet, there is also one... Continue Reading →


While some people like to call me 'spethial', I also like to think that I'm special. And by special I mean unusual or extraordinary, not better or superior. Being submissive (or a slave - the jury is still out on that one) makes me feel particularly special. I often find myself going back to work... Continue Reading →

The Situation

We finally had a talk about The Situation™ (a.k.a the big fat pink elephant of my recent return to submission in the room). As a result I will now be wearing my collar on weekends and there will be an immediate increase in the amount of boot time. The reality of having a full-time sucky... Continue Reading →


So, we were in pre-sleep banter time last night and we were discussing the day I owed him after losing a stupid bet. The bet involved me dressing and doing what he wanted for a day if he won. He'd been telling there would be multiple pairs of boots and some 'barely there' outfits. I... Continue Reading →

All in the head

When you are a girl, you spend a lot of time in your head. When you're a submissive, you also spend a lot of time in your head. When you're a girl submissive, well, you just spend a crap load of time in your head, fantasizing, puzzling and reading way too deeply into all things.... Continue Reading →

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