Ten more Japanese pornish words you never needed to know


1. AV (eebui)

The porn industry in Japan is loosely referred to as the AV or “adult video” industry. If you’re a porn actress, you’re know as an av jyoyuu or if you’re famous enough to be on tv and dabble in porn on the side, you’d be known as a av tarento (av talent). Book and video stores in Japan always have an adult corner where all the naughty things are kept and it’s usually cordoned off with a curtain or some sort of a partition like this:


Interestingly, there are also some places that ask women not to enter the adult corner. Perhaps it makes the boys feel uncomfortable browsing through their tentacle porn when actual women wander down the aisle.

The sign is asking women to refrain from entering the adult corner.
The sign is asking women to refrain from entering the adult corner.

2. 3P (sanpii)

This is what you and I would know as a threesome. For some reason, most 3P porn I’ve seen in Japan has always had one woman and two men.

Make sure you watch out for those 3P bodily juices the next time you take a hot spring.
Make sure you watch out for those 3P bodily juices the next time you take a hot spring.

3. paisuri

I mentioned in the original ten Japanese pornish words post that pai almost always has something to do with boobs, because the word for boobs is oppai. Well, strictly speaking there are a few words for boobs including chi chi (which shouldn’t be confused with chin chin (meaning dick), kyonyuu (big boobs) and hinnyuu (little boobs).

And just to finish off the explanations, suri comes from the onomatopoeia that describes rubbing something and originally comes from the word kosuru which means to rub.

I don’t even know what paisuri this is called in English….a boob job? I figure there’s a handjob and footjob, so there has to be boobjob, right? Boobjobs seem to be a lot more popular in Japanese porn than they are anywhere else…I’m guessing because most guys when given the chance would rather stick their dick in a hole.


4. iramachio

The origins of this Japanese word for face-fucking are quite interesting. Apparently the correct English word for thrusting your penis anywhere including between boobs, thighs or in someone’s mouth is irrumation (twenty points for you if you knew that!)

Ferachio had always been used in Japan for blowjobs, so they decided to take the familar ending ‘achio’ and add it on to the English word irrumation to create iramachio. Just for the sticklers out there, the difference of course between iramachio and ferachio depends on whether the person providing the mouth is ‘actively’ providing the job i.e. a blowjob, or whether they are just providing a hole i.e. face-fucking.

She looks like she's had a bad day.
She looks like she’s had a bad day.

5. ferachio

This word, of course, comes from the familiar word fellatio. Good ol’ blowjobs. I’m not sure what else to say.

Watch out for that deep throught
Watch out for that 13 girls deep throught

6. Gokkun

Gokkun comes from the onomatopoeia for swallowing. Generally speaking, in Japanese porn, gokkun is used when there is a lot of cum. And I mean a lot.


7. Shikkusunain

Six nine. It’s not a sixty-nine in Japan, it’s a six nine.

I think if the head of your penis is this colour, you should get it checked out. And yes, she has a tail and ears.

8. Rinkan

If you look at the two kanji characters that make up this word, they mean ‘wheel’ and ‘rape’ a.k.a gangbang. The word reepu is thrown around a lot in porn in Japan, probably because it’s a foreign word and doesn’t have the same stigma attached to it that it does in English-speaking countries.

Generally speaking, in av,  reepu just refers to an unwilling victim and from the Japanese porn I’ve seen, that’s 99.9% of them. In fact, that’s the big difference I find between “western” porn and Japanese – in Japanese porn the women are always ashamed and unwilling. They don’t appear to be having a good time and they spend a lot of the video saying, ‘No.’ In most “western” porn, the girls are encouraged to throw in a lot of, ‘Oh baby!’s and take long looks into the camera. In Japanese porn you’ll also never find an interview at the end with the girl smiling and saying she had a good time.

9. Sarugutsuwa

Sarugutsuwa is the Japanese word for gag, but they do also say gyagu as in booru gyagu (ball gag).

Saru is the word for monkey and kutsuwa is a bit (as in a horse’s bit on a bridle). There are a few theories as to how a gag became known as a sarugutsuwa, but none of them are particularly interesting, so I’ll save you the eyeball energy.

Having a rubber duck in your mouth looks uncomfortable.

10. Binta

My understanding is that this word actually means ‘head’ and was originally part of the Kagoshima dialect. Over time it entered the mainstream dialect and now it refers to slapping someone on the head or cheek.

If you’ve watched comedy in Japan, you’ll see that there is a lot of slapping going on. Traditionally, in two-person stand-up manzai comedy there is the funny guy, boke and the straight guy, tsukkomi. Generally speaking, the boke will say something stupid and the tsukkomi will tell him he’s stupid and slap him on head with a hand or sometimes a fan, plastic hammer or whatever else is available.


Binta in av is face-slapping. Take it with or without a side of iramachio.

Irrumatio and slap

5 thoughts on “Ten more Japanese pornish words you never needed to know

Add yours

  1. Why do women in Japanese porn look uncomfortable and ashamed? Apparently this has to do with strict roles in sex (active/passive) but it doesn’t explain the slightly rapey feel to Japanese porn.

    1. I think it’s a reflection of the attitudes towards women in Japanese society as a whole. While things have gotten better for women compared to 20 or 30 years ago, women in positions of power are still ‘tolerated’ not welcomed and women are still considered ‘lubrication’ for social occasions (junkatsuyu) i.e. they pour the drinks, order the food, make the men feel they are being looked after.
      Women are supposed to be cute and defenseless not forward and capable of looking after themselves. I think this image has been perpetuated by women themselves as well as encouraged by the men who want to feel masculine.
      Japanese men have a big complex about the size of their manly parts and their masculinity in general so they generally don’t want to be ‘challenged’ in bed by a woman taking an active role.

  2. You have items four and five reversed in your Katakana list (or, alternately, in your explanation).

    The common English-language term corresponding to “パイスリ ” (“paisuri”) is “tit[ty] fuck”.

    The “チオ” (“chio”) in “イラマチオ” (“iramachio”) isn’t simply in imitation of “フエラチオ”. “チオ” is about as close as one can get to /ʃio/ in Katakana; and it’s just how they would represent /tio/, which would be how the ancient Romans pronounced “tio”. (But, had the word been imported from authentically pronounced ancient Latin, then it would be “イッルマチオ” or “イルマチオ”; the importation were almost certainly by way of some other language, such as English, and I doubt that philology played much of a rôle.)

    When “イラマチオ” (“iramachio”) is translated back into English, it usually as “deep throat”. I cannot say that I know what typically happens in these goddamn’d videos — I am not a fan of the oral penetration of women — but irrumation needn’t involve pushing the penis (or penis-analogue) into the throat, and a fellator or fellatrix could admit one into his or her throat.

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