You can’t do that in slavery!

I spent my Saturday in boots and with a buttplug up my ass for two hours as punishment. How has your weekend been? (Note to self: don’t let errant slaveboys buy new buttplugs for their ‘own’ ass, put them in the cupboard for ‘safe keeping’ and then switch roles. That is just never going to end well.)

I’ve been thinking a bit recently about why this slavery thing is so hard for me. I realise it’s not a new topic and I’ve been whining about this same thing for 5 or 6 years, but it puzzles me and irks the overachiever in me. Why can I generally end up being reasonably proficient at things I want to do, but I never seem to get better at slavery?

I think it’s because I don’t really want to do it.

Bondage? Yes.

Slavery? Maybe not so much.

I guess my original idea of slavery involved wearing chains. In my mind, chains=slavery, therefore, if I am a slave, I get chains. And chains do all sorts of things to my pink bits; I get very squelchy just thinking about them.

My very first memory of being excited by chains was when I was in the third grade, so that was when I was 8 years old. There was a curator from the local folk museum who had brought in some pieces to show the school. Amongst the old medicine bottles and photos was a pair of leg irons with a matching ball and chain from the old gaol house. I was fascinated by the leg irons and wanted to touch them and see how heavy they were.

And that’s when my love affair with all things bondage, and particularly chains, started.

While I was at school, I used to go to the library and try to find whatever books or pictures I could find that showed people locked in chains, or dungeons. Scenes in movies or tv shows showing people being captured or kidnapped were always a favourite and I’d watch them again and again.

I particularly remember You Can’t Do That On Television and loving the dungeon scenes. Most people probably remember it for Barth’s Burgers or the slime, but I remember those shiver-inducing manacles hanging from the wall and the great cell set.


I also liked the execution by firing squad scenes simply because of the barbed wire in the background and the fact that the kids were ‘tied’ to the post (when they were just standing there it wasn’t as fun…)


Just as an aside, I had a massive trip down memory lane looking at episodes of YCDTOTV on Youtube. Who knew there was a cult following and that there have been conventions?? ( I still have a special spot in my heart for Alasdair and Lisa…lol.)

My interest in all things bondagey later manifested itself in my Lego collection (police station and jail set ftw!) and in a growing scarf collection – that I actually used to use to tie myself to my bed at night. Now Google and Youtube feed my fetish when I need some visual material and there’s quite a sizeable chain collection in the house for when I need some tangible chain action.

I asked M when he first started being interested in boots. He said it was the third grade and described his school teacher’s boots in infinite detail. It seemed like a huge coincidence that we both became aware of our fetishes at around the same age. Now many, many years later, he still likes boots and I still like chains.

So I guess I can forgive myself for sucking at slavery. If it was all about the bondage, I’m sure I would get an A + on my report card.


2 thoughts on “You can’t do that in slavery!

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  1. so why do the slavery aspect at all then? why not just do the boot ‘n’ bondage thing and you both get your itches scratched 😀

    1. cause l like more than just boots, like having subtle collared, marked and pierced, whipping and caning her for pleasure and punishment, public display and humiliation. Slavery better encompasses my view of the relationship of ownership and control and need to obey and serve one Master and owner. So as the Master and owner of subtle, she is my slave, whether she prefers mainly bondage and small confining spaces is something she craves, whether she gets it is determined by her owner.

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