A few things

  • I’m pms-ing something fierce and am so feral. Haven’t felt this feral for quite a while. Just sayin’ that it may be why I had a melt-down last night. Not giving excuses for my behaviour, but just putting it out there. Ya’ know, like a public service announcement.
  • I can’t decide whether the ants in our backyard are incredibly artistic or just damn annoying. Actually, come to think of it,  I’m over the moon that they are doing their activities outside the house and not inside (like they do for the other 360 days a year).


Industrious little suckers, aren’t they?

  • I was drive-by-texted by my mother. By way of explanation:

I got an email update from my ex the other day that included a couple of pictures of his 1 1/2 year-old son. My mum always, always asks me if I’ve heard from my ex whenever she talks to me and so I thought it would be nice for me to tell her that I’d heard from him and had received some pictures. She asked me to send her the pictures and being a dutiful daughter, I did so. A few days later she sent me the text in question:

I keep looking at that beautiful little darling methinks he could have been my grandson.

If that ain’t a drive-by-text, I dunno what is.

I really don’t know how I should feel about her text. I always thought she accepted and was happy with my life choice not to have children. Apparently not. For some reason that message upset the shit out of me and I haven’t been able to respond. I couldn’t even do a joking, “Don’t get all clucky on me!”

I can’t decide if I’m upset because of the guilt factor involved or the fact that she has revealed that I’ve disappointed her. Probably the latter. I hate disappointing people or even thinking that I’ve disappointed someone. I have a major performance complex. I’d make a horrible porn star.


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  1. My theory is we are going to have very wet weather soon as the ants are building dams around their nest entrances to stop water flooding in, besides ant rid to poison them you can try dropping a barrier or talcum powder, apparently they don’t like walking across it.

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