Week Two

Another week down on the 4:3 diet. At this point I'd just like to mention that I had cheesecake for dinner last night. I may also need to confess that I had cheesecake for lunch today. On the surface that seems like some very loose dieting on my part, but in my defense I did... Continue Reading →


Week one

Well, that's week one down and dusted for the 5:2 diet. Well, it was actually 4:3 but hey, who's counting? I discovered something on fast day one, which was Monday: my normal work day is pretty fasty even without being on the 5:2. The only difference is whether I have a proper dinner or not.... Continue Reading →

Can’t handle bush

I read an article in the newspaper over the weekend that stated that the new generation of men do not understand 'what to do with' a woman's bush and 'can't handle a hairy woman' because they've grown up learning everything about sex from internet porn (where the women are sleeker than a baby's bottom). I... Continue Reading →

Catch Up

It was a weird week. It started hardcore with 3 back-to-back nights at the gym (Body Combat 56 might be the death of me...) and ended with the season finale of Game of Thrones. Now I've got nothing to watch until Breaking Bad starts again in August! Nothing worse than long, cold nights in the Australian winter with... Continue Reading →

How to Make Out in Japanese

One of the first things I did when I got to Japan was fall in love. It didn't take me long, three or four months in I was lusting desperately after the English-speaking, US-schooled Japanese guy who worked at the same hotel I did. There was also another geeky guy I worked with who was... Continue Reading →

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