Can’t handle bush

I read an article in the newspaper over the weekend that stated that the new generation of men do not understand ‘what to do with’ a woman’s bush and ‘can’t handle a hairy woman’ because they’ve grown up learning everything about sex from internet porn (where the women are sleeker than a baby’s bottom).

I was thinking about this as I removed my bush once again *very* carefully with a cream that will make you call down the sweet jesus’ protection if you get some on your clit. (Not that you needed to know that, but I thought I’d just share what I did on Saturday afternoon.)

So men are fine to have pubes so long they can choke me, but women with a neatly trimmed nether region are not okay. Hilariously enough, one guy interviewed in the article said that he always wanted to have sex with a woman before he dated her just in case she was hairy. Apparently, hair=no dinner.

And just on that same thought that we have raised a generation on internet porn, does that mean that women ‘can’t handle’ or ‘don’t know what to do with’ a guy with a small cock. Because, as we all know, those internet porn guys are hung like a horse.

It’s an interesting double standard, isn’t it?

pubic hare
Would have been ten times funnier without the erroneous apostrophe

6 thoughts on “Can’t handle bush

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    1. My SO, who is also 55 by the way, likes a perfectly clean nether region. I’m not sure what that means but I guess it just shows that we all prefer different things 🙂

  1. I prefer having some hair. I like to trim it so it’s not all haphazard, but I enjoy the feeling of the hairs being disturbed a little – by a hand brushing over them lightly, say.

    Maybe one day hair will regain popularity. 🙂

    1. I find it interesting that “hairy” is now a fetish. I don’t foresee hair making a comeback anytime soon unfortunately.

  2. I, too, hope hair becomes *fashionable* again some day soon…I trim and neaten but I can’t be arsed with the maintenance of full removal, and think it looks wrong anyway on anyone other than a prepubescent child.
    While I have removed most of my pubes in the past (and I do like the smoothness of the first day) I can’t stand the regrowth. Drives me insane, looks shit and feels shit.
    I was talking to a young guy from uni the other day who has met a lovely girl I also know. She’s a hippy feminist type with unshaven legs etc and presumably a ‘full natural’ bush (to borrow a bearding term!) He asked me if it would be ok to ask her to do some landscaping!!! Poor boy. No idea. I really do think porn is to blame…its so…generic, for the most part. It’s like *natural* is a kink these days!
    Just out of curiosity do you prefer yourself hairless, or is it M’s decision?

    Oh and re your Saturday shenanigans, I had a friend loooooong ago who, in a rather drunken moment reached for the Canesten and realised shortly thereafter what she had actually applied to her nether regions was Deep Heat. Needless to say she spent the rest of the night sitting in the sink! Ouchie. 😀

    1. I enjoy the clean bush – for the 2.7 seconds until the stubble starts growing back. If I could get rid of it once and for all I would, but I’m not about to spend thousands of dollars for a few years of permanence if I’m lucky.

      Actually I find with my rings that it gets really painful to have a “full natural” bush. Everything starts pulling and getting trapped- so not good. But having said that, honestly, I find the upkeep terrible and I so can’t be

      That guy at uni sounded like he could have been one of the people interviewed for the article. I think it was pretty accurate about how a lot of the young ‘uns feel these days

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