Week one

Well, that’s week one down and dusted for the 5:2 diet. Well, it was actually 4:3 but hey, who’s counting?

I discovered something on fast day one, which was Monday: my normal work day is pretty fasty even without being on the 5:2. The only difference is whether I have a proper dinner or not. I usually have a small breakfast made up of 45g of cereal and coffee. Then I’ll have yoghurt and some fruit for lunch. Dinner is whatever M cooks up. So when I’m “fasting” I have 2 eggs for brekky, baked beans & rice crackers or yoghurt for lunch and some soup-type thing for dinner. Voila.

The other thing I discovered is that its actually calorie cycling. I had my first run in with calorie cycling when I was doing the calorie-controlled diet thing in 2009 and I plateaued, so I spent a few weeks shuffling around how many calories I had on different days, trying to kick-start the weightloss thing again. It’s essentially the 5:2 just on a  less structured scale.

The only huge, huge mistake I made was waking up on Saturday morning and stuffing my face with crumpets and a big-ass cappuccino and THEN deciding to make it a fast day. That left exactly 60 calories for the rest of the day….Not a good plan. I went to circuit class at lunch time and by 3pm I was ravenous. I kept drinking endless cups of tea – green, black, rooibos, green with brown rice. I went through my whole goddamn tea collection trying to keep myself occupied and my mind off food. Fortunately my circuit class kicked my ass so I also spent a lot of time thinking about how much pain I was am still in. Using the mouse hurts. Typing also hurts. Remind me never to go to a circuit class again.

I’ve got a post bubbling about my collar, I’ve got a fairly important chapter of my story to finish writing and I think I also need to go and lay down and curl up into a ball because I hurt EVERYWHERE. I’m hurting, hungry and cold…hey, whaddya know? It’s good research for my story.  For some strange reason I also can’t stop listening to Diamonds by Rhianna. And I also need to watch True Blood…mmm nom nom….Eric. So many things to do and so little time.



2 thoughts on “Week one

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  1. shine bright like a diamond… I keep watching the video on youtube. earworm/eyeworm?
    sounds like the 5:2 is not nearly strict enough for you hahaha 😀
    Circuit class sounds like torture. Not the good kind either 😉
    Thanks for the update, and for making me want gen mai cha 😛

    1. I’ve got it on my iPod permanently on repeat lol.

      The sad thing about the circuit class was that it wasn’t too bad. It just proves that I’m woefully out of shape!

      5:2 is definitely not hardcore enough lol. Although in my experience the first week of any diet is easy peasy. It’s all novel and you’ve still got food “supplies” in your body to burn. Then it gets shit crap hard.

      Mmm genmaicha…I had a bad moment today where I only had one tea bag at work and I was expecting it to be proper green tea and it turned out to be some crap brown tea masquerading as green tea. Seriously wtf people.

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