Week Six – tea cha cha!

A slightly belated update, but I blame Borderlands 2 for sucking up my Sunday afternoon – which is usually the time I reserve for blogging. So the highlight of Week Six was receiving my first weight-related comment at the gym the other night which happened to be, “Have you been sick? You’ve lost weight.” I... Continue Reading →


Week Five…or is it?

It could be week five of my fasting experiment or it could be week 416 since I started blogging. Actually it's both so it's my 8th blogging anniversary. Yay for me. There's not much to report this week diet-wise except that I've got a cold so instead of my usual 4 gym classes, I only managed... Continue Reading →

The beating window

I'm not quite sure how I would describe myself if asked...other than 'spethial', the first thing that comes to mind is a bondage-fetishist with an endurance kink. Unfortunately it doesn't really have a ring to it, does it? I'm not a painslut or a masochist per se. I don't and have never self-harmed or done... Continue Reading →

Week Four

So there I was on Friday afternoon feeling not so well from a fluey-type cold thing that is attempting to take hold and I was hungry. But not just any old hungry, it was a I-want-to-gnaw-my-foot-off-and-eat-it-if-it-will-make-me-feel-better type of hungry. I'd had 100g of yoghurt since 7:30am and had a banana left until 7:30pm. I figured if I ate my... Continue Reading →

Week Three

Well, after going foo foo at those 'hardcore' folks who fast back-to-back on two consecutive days and saying I would never do it, I managed to become a member of that exclusive club this week. It was all in the name of birthday cheesecake on Friday in the office, so instead of fasting Mon, Wed, Fri as... Continue Reading →

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