Week Four

So there I was on Friday afternoon feeling not so well from a fluey-type cold thing that is attempting to take hold and I was hungry. But not just any old hungry, it was a I-want-to-gnaw-my-foot-off-and-eat-it-if-it-will-make-me-feel-better type of hungry. I’d had 100g of yoghurt since 7:30am and had a banana left until 7:30pm. I figured if I ate my banana at 3:30pm, it would get me through my gym class and hold me until dinner. So I went out to the kitchen fridge in my office and discovered that my banana was gone.


Where the fuck had my banana gone?

I went back to my desk but then decided that I needed to go back to the fridge just to check again. So I did and after opening the fridge for the second time, my banana had not magically reappeared. I looked in the rubbish bin and saw a suspicious-looking banana skin.

Who the fuck would steal my banana?

So I decided to send an email around the office to uncover the banana stealer, but after drafting a very sassy email, I deleted it before sending it because after reading it again I sounded like some fucked up person with an over-attachment to her banana and I didn’t want everyone to know I was more unstable than they already thought I was.

So I went back to the fridge again and noticed that not only was my banana gone, but my apple was too! Then I had a thought and decided to look a little more closely at the garbage bin. Sure enough, there was my still cold banana and apple from the fridge. Obviously someone had come along late on Friday afternoon and assumed that anything left in the fridge was not needed.

FFS don’t throw out a fasting person’s banana!! Please!

I didn’t care that it had been sitting in the bin. I fished it out, scoffed it and immediately felt better but also a little sad at the same time…I’m very glad no-one saw me…

I was looking forward to gym class after that and after getting changed and leaving work at the appropriate time, I managed to get myself stuck in a hideous traffic jam which meant I missed my class. If I’d been ten minutes earlier, I would have passed through the intersection before the accident that caused the traffic jam happened.

All in all, it was not a good Friday.

But I survived the week and that’s a month on the 4:3 diet done and dusted.

My beating window opened unexpectedly on Sunday afternoon and I felt like I needed some pain/and or bruises. M complied with my request beautifully and gave me a nice work-over with the crop, cane, paddle & Mr Tawse. Butterfly clamps also featured prominently in play time and my botty is feeling quite tender at the moment so we’ll see what marks are left tomorrow.





2 thoughts on “Week Four

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    1. Has it been so long since I talked about my beating window?? Lol.

      True dat about the intersection. Although I was so pissed about missing my class!!

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